Winds of Nightmare Island

ImageI. Mother

Close your eyes, feel the breeze, focus on the nearest sound you hear… Rain, I sense rain. Drops of water on the wood… Blood. Open your eyes.

I saw the sunset, the sky, colored in orange, a couple of clouds here and there, slowly moving their fat bodies. A never ending ocean and… My mother, dressed like an old lady, sitting on one of those old Gothic chairs, trying to read a book… I went closer, moving with excitement, shouting hellos, smiling endlessly all the way.

I felt achievement, peace all around me and harmony all around her…
She barely moved a finger, seemed very concentrated from a far. I couldn’t see details because of the generous distance between us. A moment, a tear drop later, I reached her, touched her hand. Wind blowing, the noise of dancing words.

She was staring at a book with dozens of missing pages. I looked at her and said “Mom, I’m home… Sudden cold breeze, the noise of moving chains. She closed the book, turning the water into sand, changing the background into a never ending desert. She slowly moved her face up to me, just like moving a rock…

She had no eyes… Her eye sockets were stuffed with printed paper. She looked tired and her face reflected sadness. I reached my hand to her face, touched her cold, rigid, sandy skin and removed the stuffed paper from her left eye socket. I looked inside the hole and saw a park with thousands of blankets on the grass. Pillows, rainbows and the smell of BBQ… So I jumped in!

II. Chocolate

Magical, I jumped into my mother’s left eye socket… A different universe, an even calmer one. I saw a never ending park with the greenest grass and thousands of unique picnic blankets with polka dots and color mixtures that my eyes never seen before. Flower petals drifting through the wind, orange trees and gardens of watermelon, grape and paprika.

As falling from the sky or, should I repeat again, my mother’s eye hole, I looked up and saw this perfectly healthy sun, it somehow described youth, power… Forcing you to feel healthy and rejuvenated.

A sudden candy storm came. The crystal clear sky turned into this swizz dark chocolate colored one. The wind got all mad, screaming with a cold minty breath at me and this pink cotton candy lightning shape throw it’s signature. The candy falling from the sky with me, slowly, just like music, sounds from a lost soul, hitting my head and arms… The wind throwing me to the nearest chocolate river.

So, I fell in the chocolate river, deep under six to seven layers of different cocoa delights. Mhmm… The fine liquid cream, moisturizing my skin, the hazelnut massaging my bare feet and, oh, the colorful gummy bears coloring the deeps of the river. Let’s not forget the gingerbread fish dancing around me… Beautiful!

Sadly, I sneezed. Thousands of colorful balloons came out of my mouth and nose, throwing me out of a random wishing well directly in the middle of the desert. I wonder where they keep the ice cream cause it’s really hot…

III. Desert

Static, no movement, no wind, just sand, electric orange glowing all around me…

I had a dream once: visiting the Egyptian desert, riding a camel and collecting spices, carpets and other typical souvenirs. Now that I actually am in the desert, sitting on an open treasure chest full of ancient gold, a palm tree that, more or less, protects me of skin cancer and a funny fountain with plenty of nudity carved on it, hope I’m  not using it wrong, I mean, it could be a toilet and maybe, just maybe I’m drinking urban pee and you know what today’s kids are eating…

Anywho, sitting, just sitting and calculating the amount of sand this litter box has to offer. That could be my lifetime job, it would definitely keep me focused for the rest of my remaining days…

You know, the real reason I’m staying here and pretending that I’m bored, which I’m not, is of course, the snakes I met and dragged half of my travel, the scorpions that paralysed me weeks ago and the mummy’s stomach I had to open yesterday to take out the bugs, worms and other small creepy crawly beings that pretty much walked all over my body, mouth and other orifices. So, please… I earned the vacation day!

Keeps me thinking of those long dreams of just sleeping on the grass, feeling the green things that grow from the ground. Just that, I miss those long nights… Drooling on my pillow worst than my grandmother on a regular Nana-nap.

Though being all alone, without sharing the panorama that I’m seeing now is quite sad… Who knows, maybe war is coming, I sense movement!

IV. Up in flames

Suddenly the sands start to move between my feet. For a moment I thought I stepped into a quicksand but no, something unveils, something shiny. An object…
No, it couldn’t be — A pair of black  glasses! Which goes perfectly with the outfit I’m wearing, a red V-necked tee, black skinny jeans and a pair of Chuck Taylor’s all stars. (to bad I forgot my rainbow scarf) Then I put them on…

I see spotlights, dozens flashing lights, colorful lasers and fog all around me… A band in the background, currently in sound check, whispering to each other to lower this and change that… Till one of them shouting – Are you ready? – I found myself with a mic in my hand, a golden mic with violet little crystals on it…

Shadowy people, thousands of them, all looking at me, jumping with excitement, shouting my name. And then the concert hall lights up like a Christmas tree, the band starts its performance and me… Well… I… I fabulously flip my middle finger up in the air!

Confetti pops, balloons come out, dancers showing up… I hear the music, a clean sound of an old acoustic guitar, a couple of drums and an electric piano, yet something is missing, a voice, some noise…

I open my mouth, I try to say something — Music, pure music pours out of my mouth, lyrics puffing out as I was smoking. There I am, in the middle of the world, in the front seat. In control, ruling, being nothing else but me…

Aaaaaa— Who turned the lights off?


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