Do you believe in God?

I’m always between, I mean, I do believe that there’s something taking care of us, spiritually… I feel like something or someone is always listening to me, to my dreams… Fulfilling them or bringing them closer day by day… Or just, waking up in the morning and, I don’t know, opening the window and feeling the wind coming inside my room, watching the trees dancing in front of my eyes and the sun, gosh, I love the sun and it’s warm touch on my skin… Just feeling part of something bigger, loved and somewhat connected to the world.

Look at me writing, in English, not even in my mother tongue, and I enjoy it, I love it… Every time I put on a song, words are just coming to me, gluing each other into sentences, then into phrases without hard work. I just  have to write them on something or they will just stick in my head, bugging me, till I put them on a piece of paper.

Where was I?

I do believe in God but I also believe in myself, in my own powers, dreams, wishes and all I want, for now, an amazing writing session with great music around me, water and an open window that brings unlimited opportunities, sunshine and a cool breeze that makes my curtains light up and dance at the sound of Coldplay…

Life’s good and it always should be. Right? I mean, if it’s short, why not putting all our problems aside and find a new way to keep us young, healthy, happy and full of energy.  This is basically my main dream, to maintain the way I am, to never lose this idea of amazing life, paradise, glamour, spice and just strong colors everywhere.

You see, I would like a life where family is all around the world, my job requires me to travel, to write, to organize, to innovate and, practically, to leave my signature wherever I go. I  want an apartment high in the skies, where I could live the ultimate urban life, when I wake up in the morning and see the most beautiful panorama of the city… I want huge parties with all my international friends, tasting wine, eating pizza, cooking pasta and just live the moment.

Later on, I want a beach house, to feel the sand all over my body… I want to learn how to surf, to blend into the local culture, to wear nothing but my swim suit, a shirt, a hat and a pair of glasses. No shoes!

What else do I need?

Oh, I want to write columns in newspapers, change people’s life all across the world, write books about love,  peace and pretty much how to dream and have the perfect life and hey, I want to travel. I want to ride a bike in Copenhagen, to eat gelato in Rome, to drink wine in Lisbon or any city of Portugal because it’s an amazing country… I want to be everywhere, to learn about all the cultures, to have a life in each country, city and so on. I want to live this life at maximum potential.

Dreams come true so I want to never stop dreaming and you should do the same!


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