Destroyed by Television


I remember reading this article one or two weeks ago. A blog that I discovered, while resurrecting my Twitter account, had this really interesting post about “17 ways television has destroyed my brains“. Back then it was funny but yesterday something pretty bad happened…

 So I came home from work with two bars of chocolate and a big pack of gummy bears, all happy, a bit tired, and excited about my soon to be watched Sex and the City episodes. I arrive home and my parents welcome me in the kitchen, my dad opens the window to smoke a cigar and mom turns on the oven to heat up the food.

Mom right? One of the most important people in your life, the one that loves you more than anything in the world, sits down while the food gets ready. A couple of questions here and there about work, my day. You know, catching up and stuff… Suddenly mom says she is not feeling good. That she never felt like this before. A moment later she turns whiter than the wall. Her green eyes took contrast like never before.

She said “I need water. Fast. Give me some water, cold water!” My dad starts to panic, I keep my swag, giving a recipient to dad, looking at my mom, asking for details about her condition. Her hands were going numb, she started to loose her hearing and probably lost her sight due to constant blinking and eye movement. Probably she was at the edge of fainting.

Anywho, long story short, I had to call the ambulance, doctors came. They discovered high blood pressure. Of course, it runs in the family! Though my mom swears the high digits were because of the panic, it was something else. She mumbled something about eating and taking a nap… Could the stomach or liver give you these symptoms? Interesting case I may say…

She’s now perfectly fine, at work actually. I know, A bit irresponsible you may think, but she promised me she’ll go to see a doctor this week.

The reason I kept my self calm is because I couldn’t really pay attention to what is actually happening. I was more interested in what will happen, episode speaking. I felt like I was living in a TV show, imagining how the ambulance will come, the attention they’ll create, what the neighbors will think, what the paramedics will bring and do. Then about my mother… After she went to the bathroom to cool herself off with some more cold water, she started to feel better. In that moment I was talking on the phone with a person from the emergency line. She was asking me all sort of details about the patient’s state while mom was shouting she’s feeling better. Right after that my mind was whispering “everybody lies”!

Oh the endless scenarios, the excitement… And the main character was my own mother… TV shows has really destroyed my brain!

Call me heartless but all I can say that I was ready for the action, even if it’s about a loved one, and I love my mother very much, I would do anything for her, but hell, I was ready for the drama… I won’t even tell you about the images I had. All I can say that if my mind would of take control of yesterday’s situation, I would get an Emmy for sure!

So TV shows prepare you in life’s hard situations or is it just me? I may be weird and broken but gosh, this article would look so much better with “I did CPR and I told her “Don’t you dare die on me. Do you hear me?! Not today!!!”

Now that I think of, these TV shows is actually giving us false hope. Probably that’s why I didn’t panic and even expected for more drama. I knew that somewhere, a couple of scenes later, there’s this Dr. Grey near a local watering hole who will magically put my mother back on her feet before the end of the day.

Thank God she’s fine. Hope that both my parents will stay around me for more than I expect cause I’m nothing without them.

What do you think? TV shows gives you experience, false hope or the power to stay strong?


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