Wish I was Gay!


If there would be a list of all my strangest wishes, being gay would clearly be my number one. Call me a weirdo but there’s nothing wrong to be gay. There’s a whole new world available for you to explore. I feel like it’s one of those classy role playing games where you get a certain race, gender, class, and set of skills to become the next legendary hero. Gays, to me, are like a new class or race. An expansion pack for the world that brings a whole new experience. A fresh, post-modern, urban story to tell…

And no, it’s not because of NBC’s latest comedy, The New Normal, which pretty much shows the kind of experience I’m talking about. It goes way back, in my teen years, where homosexuality was seen as a mental illness, a disease. A sin probably worse than murder. The so called “normal” people pointed fingers at them, making sure they’ll never be welcomed in or near their precious, perfect, straight community.

As result of endless discrimination, many gays committed suicide due to heavy depression, caused by the fear of “coming out”, expressing themselves and being rejected by their loved ones. Because of our outdated definition of normality, closed minded limited point of view, many amazing people died. Yes, we wasted great souls, dreams and talents…

So why would I wish to be gay? To be proud about it, to have a different life. To show the world that I am who I am, that I’m truly unique and the others are the ones shamefully sinning, the ones playing with pre-played character, stereotypes. That they gave up on themselves for not discovering or creating their true characters.

I can already imagine a life somewhere in the deeps of an urban environment, owning an apartment somewhere in the sky, with a great panorama of the big city, married to a tattooed, athletic black guy, father of two beloved Asian baby girls, and writer of many bestsellers. See, it’s quite perfect story!

Careful. I’m not saying we should all hop in the gay train. Sexual orientation is not something you can change or choose. You were born with certain settings, baby, and you should respect them. I’m just telling we should stop judging and just think for a second what the person in front of us may go through…

Actually, I’m telling you to try to understand, with your heart, not your brain, the differences you see between the person you’re about to ruin, the normality you’ve defined, and the person you want to be. You have no idea how much you could have in common!

Gays are not the only ones discriminated here, but they suffer the most. Imagine how hard would it be for us to not be able to marry the person we love, to adopt a child, to hold hands or kiss in public. It’s like having a limited Internet connectivity. You have the necessary equipment but you can’t fully use it.

Why should we point fingers at people with a different mindset than ours? Why caring how our neighbors live their lives? Why can’t we just open our eyes and accept the way it is and maybe learn a thing or two from them? Just think about it.

Think about all those famous gay artists out there, movie stars, designers, writers, and so on. They all do great things with their lives. We all enjoy their work. So why shouldn’t they enjoy their life normally like we do?

I honestly love the gays and I’d proudly be gay if I could. Because of them I have awesome clothes to wear, great blogs to read.  Music, movies and TV shows. My life is basically great because of them… And, sometimes, I envy their fabulous life style!

Being gay is normal. (period!)


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