LifestylesYour lifestyle is part of who you are, your unique identity, your tribute to your mother and the world. It’s that life-long schedule you start to define from day one and continuously change till your clock stops. It should be never finished. Never!

Some activities stay, like the basics of living, others go deeper into detail…

Lifestyle is part of your personal brand, because at the end of the day we are nature’s products, we sell ourselves to have what we need, want and dream of. Even if you see yourself as a private person, not at all public (and you should be because we should know about your existence, voice and vision), facing hundreds of people every week, you have a brand, you are the brand, defined by lifestyle, way of thinking, actions and presentation.

Many of us hide  their true identity from the fear of judgement, showing off handcrafted masks of commercial brands. And you know what happens to commercial artists, right?

Don’t be afraid or ashamed of who you are because you, my friend, are amazing!

Your style inspires people around, invites them to get to better know you, to learn from you. and this personal brand of yours is the one out there, on the market.

A global view of yourself, a visual resume…
Could be a mirror or a link to your true style of living (which I recommend) or an alter ego of who you would like to be, putting on clothes that may not fit. Pretending to be someone else is a direct insult to your teen-hood, your heart and years you spent being alive.

Don’t forget that having a different sexual orientation, skin color and nationality should make you PROUD because you are UNIQUE!

I chose to be happy. I am who I am. I respect my flaws even if they are many. They are my flaws!

I’m not at all “normal”, never been, never will. Don’t even know what that means, don’t even care. Judge me as much as you want, gossip. It makes me alive. I smile, dream in strong colors. I thank the world, the universe, even God, if there’s one up there, for every second of my life.

I’m addicted to a life of material, I hate money so much I spend it on anything I see, mostly on clothes, those are the things I love. Fashion make my world go round, trend turns me on and I’m married to traveling.

You know what? I’m just a 22 years old dude currently living in a not that big but yet, good enough city. I see myself as a youth icon because that’s what I want to be. I’m an overachiever, probably my greatest flaw. I barely have a personal life. Actually, professional and public became my personal life…

I’m always in a hurry, hurry to grow, to be the first, to be up on the ladder, to be number one. I’m fighting to be the first in anything I do. I can’t fail, I don’t want to.

Failure to me is like a near death experience, and if I do fail, damn sure I won’t give up, I’ll come back twice better, show that little f*ck who I really am.

Being an overachiever really sucks the tits out of your life, at least your free time, friends and family. I can barely catch up with friends and almost impossible to have a love life. I’m married to myself a while…

It sounds bad but hey, it’s who I am!

I’m currently working as a marketing manager at a local company that offers car rental services, I recently applied to a graduate school, studying strategies and politics of Management, and, cherry on top, I work at a youth organization in my spare time, I organizing public events in the city, promoting an active community.

Norbert is a spoiled brat and a hipster with a dirty diva attitude… True. I spend a lot on myself. I hate having money in my wallet, I just can’t stand having it… I have this fixation on saving money. What if a car hits me the next day and I have a lot of cash in my pocket? All that cheese will never magically turn into a scarf, cardigan or a new pair of All Star…

I brag, ok?! I brag… You talk to me, I’ll probably mention my H&M socks, who knows, maybe I’ll tell you what type of underwear I’m currently wearing, brands of tees and jeans… I love my clothes, it makes me happy putting them on display. Let’s not go into my taste buds… I may talk about your weight, why your shoes don’t go with the hoodie or damn… What’s that on your legs?!

I’m a slut when it comes to flirting. I love flirting, I hit on everybody that smells good and know his or her way with clothes…

I don’t care about what car you’re driving, what you’re drinking… Well, maybe if you brag about Starbucks or some expensive drink you had at an glamorous local outside my city or even country. I’m interested in your stories, I want to hear about your lifestyle and experiences, especially if we’re talking about living abroad…

I love smart people, people who want more than a simple life. Always looking for the new and fresh. I love to experiment… Especially if it’s kinky. I love shocking ways to entertain myself. I am weird and definitely crazy.

Nothing scares me!

I follow my dreams, even the crazy ones. I may look like a guy with a figured out life, with plans at every corner but no, it’s not true. I have no idea where I’ll be next month or next year… That’s the fun of life. Right?

More, more and always more… On and on and on… Life is too short to stay still,  too beautiful to be tired. You may die tomorrow and leave nothing behind… And my ultimate goal is to leave something for the people around me and, if it’s possible, the next generation. We all have potential, we all have that flame burning inside. We all have to try. Try!


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