Ultimate Childhood Memories

Ultimate Childhood memories

Recently had a discussion, about childhood memories, with a friend of mine. She told me all these great stories, adventures and happenings in more than one hundred words per minute… And I was like “Dude, what’s my childhood story?” Swear to Player, I barely had something to top one of her shorties. Apparently I had a boring childhood. I’m boring!

I love when people talk about their lives. They inspire me, make me want more, see the world even bigger, vast and beautiful. I guess I had a pretty simple childhood. Don’t remember having any explosive events or mind blowing chapters. I wasn’t that special, I guess…

I do have a couple of key childhood memories. I perfectly remember my first truck, I think I was five or so, my dad took me to a shop near our place, he told me to choose any displayed toy. There were these two big trucks, one of them transporting an airplane and the other, cargoes  I was fascinated by the green one, the one with the cargoes. A plane is a plane, right? But with the colorful cargoes, the possibilities of transporting mixed goods were endless, and it was green!

My main childhood activity was rising kingdoms and building spaceships out of hundreds of pieces of Lego. My room was the universe and I was its creator. From flying cars, teleportation, super powers, magic to monsters and explosions. I had them all… I was more interested in the apocalyptic side of my imagination, interested in villains, controlling the dead, measuring the darkness and bringing shadow upon my friends territory.

I barely traveled till I was eighteen but I did move a lot with my parents, they always changed homes which made me pretty short on friends. Always had to make new ones, which made me pretty exotic… Four homes (five actually but I don’t remember the first one, I was just a larva back then), four totally different group of friends. From Nintendo addicted and sugar pumped kids to technophobes and tree huggers. Then from Playstation snobs, D&D heroes and WoW whores to ultimate gamers, beer slurpers and Simmers.

There rest was pretty off stream  I guess. I played outside in the sand, built roads for my race cars and other four wheeled vehicles, baked mud pies and other dicky stuff, opened a stand with my neighbors, sold garbage for leafs and nuts. Played house with the local girls, adopted kids… Been an everyday actor of the imaginary theater. I had no sense of fashion. Ha!

I sang my lungs out when I was home alone. I used to imagine being this international superstar, at a concert with millions of fans, singing and dancing for the teddy bears, spitting on my microphone a.k.a. my mother’s hairspray…

There’s no childhood without a massive amount of Cartoon Network. I remember those cool Halloween movies, those Christmas Events. Gosh, I love Christmas and the snow…

I think I was four or five, it was St. Nick, I watched that boot for hours, waiting for my gift. There’s this little Santa we celebrate before the big one. On the night of December 5th, you have to clean your winter boots and put them near the door or window. The presents are usually smaller than the ones from Christmas,  you get oranges and sweets, occasionally toys, electronics or clothes, if you were a good boy or girl. If not, the bad ones get coal and a nicely decorated twig… For parental purposes! 🙂

That year I got one of those Tetris handhelds. I remember watching that boot like the most precious thing in the world but someone had to knock at the front door, a neighbor or something, and me, already, being extremely curious, I left the boot unsupervised to see who’s disturbing my guard. When I returned in my humble room, my boot was fully giftified. I was so shock-a-happy!

Later on Christmas, I got one of those Nintendo consoles. I remember playing Battle City with my dad for years to come. O loved watching my parents play Dr. Mario, my mom, Magic Jewelry, and my dad, Super Mario on the 8th stage. I’m still unable to pass those levels…

Long story short, this was my childhood till age fourteen. The fun stuff comes later on, like my rebellious chapter, skipping school, being bullied by kids for being different, developing a dark side, building fake personalities, covering myself deep with layers of empty sheets just to be cool and accepted by the others… Disconnecting the land phone for a pretty long period of time just to make sure my professors won’t call my parents… But that’s another story!

What’s your ultimate Childhood memory?


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