The Year in Review: 2012 Edition

year review

I’m working on this article since the beginning of December, last year. Sadly, I didn’t find the time to actually finish writing it, or probably because the all mighty universe was still showering me with great possibilities (hard work and long cold days at the office). Anyway, here I am, in the middle of January ’13, having nothing but a cold empty day at work, throwing my attention to the iPod, fused with the live version of Coldplay’s latest album, and my Moleskine, filled with To Do lists, drawings of my friends heads, and other wants and needs.

Yet I decided to check out my unfinished articles folder on my desktop, stocked with quite a handful of words. Here I find a little document with a short review of the last year. There was also a piece of paper on my desk with nothing but a doodled penis on it — Clearly, I have nothing else to do but to finish that article, I mean THIS article.

Psychologists, managers and other career lovers recommend us, the people who dream of dreams, to put our yearly achievements in a notebook. Basically, to write down everything important so we could feel good about ourselves, to build perspective, structure, or, pretty much, an offline Facebook timeline. This will ensure us growth in the future. Will it, really?

Now that I’m actually on it, trying to formulate paragraphs about what I’ve been doing feels quite OK. I mean, it releases accumulated tension and gives memories a chance to light up. You smile, grow a bit, see things differently, wanting more. You get motivated and even take another piece of paper (I took my phone) to write the things you want to do this year, double the stuff, the fun and whatever you enjoyed last year or missed.

Personally, 2012 was the best year of my life so far. I ended my studies abroad (Coimbra, Portugal) in February, made great friends, did many new (or stupid) things. After that, I had one more semester of college to finish, that was one of the easiest things to, compared to the one I had before. Yet there were some difficulties to accommodate with my old city, friends, habits and lifestyle. Of course, I ended up crying on the streets, in the night (under the blankets), even on the toilet… That post-Erasmus depression is no lie — It really gets you unarmed!

Graduation and bachelor’s exam came (June), passed everything fabulously. Took a job in a management field to fill up my pockets (for fashion and traveling purposes, of course).

One month and a half later I went to Sicily to meet a very special friend and his family. It was amazing, more than two weeks of road trips, Italian food, new friends and laughter. Made quite a family there and over one thousand pictures.

2012 was just like a song: It started with a chorus then a moment of relaxation (actually it felt more like one of those Adele rhythms), then the chorus came up again, more like a carousel, with an electric guitar, super head banging bass, and other funky noises, accompanied with yet another Buddha-bar episode till it reached to its ending with a final chorus – The year’s last drop of honey — New Year’s in Budapest with my brand new love and my amazing friends. A fine year indeed.

What I want this year?

Well, first of all, I want to sign up for a post-graduate programme somewhere in Europe. I would love to finally take my driver’s license (I’ll be 23 soon and still don’t know how to drive a freaking car!). I would love to visit London, Paris and at least a city in my country. Attending to a big concert would do nice (maybe P!nk in Paris). Most of all, at then end of this year, I would like to visit a very good friend of mine in Australia. Universe, you copy, right?

Will I manage to do all these things? Reader, you better cross those fingers!

I’m still not sure what the summer paradise will bring… I’m sure it will be a pleasant surprise. Life is beautiful!

What’s your plan for this year? Tell me your wants. 🙂


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