Underneath my clothes


As I said this morning in a tweet, I left today’s article home in the other bag. Don’t call me old fashion because I write on paper, I have a reason for that. And no, I’m not living in a cave or under a rock. Also, it’s true, I graduated Computer Science, but it’s something with these machines and creativity, they just don’t glue well together. I can’t channel my creativity when I’m in front of a steamer, especially when Facebook and other social networks are right there, showing off their naked nakedness…

Anyhow, I’m kind of forgetting things lately… From open windows, turned on lights, left out milk bottle, all around the apartment, to jackets and boots at the gym. I can no longer function without my Moleskine notebook (it’s not a laptop and it’s black!). I think I have way too much on my brain, way… Way too much!

From my freaking job, youth organization, unfinished creative projects and other shenanigans, plus the personal ones (I have this cool pinboard  in my room that I want to put on the wall and bobulate it with my greatest moments of the year. Because why not?!). I forgot the meaning of free time, barely sleep eight hours a day. And it seems a bit too much, I feel it in every inch of my body… But I like it. I love my life. I feel  every second is well spent. I’m living it, I’m tired, I progress… Something is happening, something new, every moment. Actually, there’s a little problem deciding what tracks to pick for the upcoming year…

In two-o-thirteen I’m planing to make a lot of sweeping. First of all, I must put the youth organization behind, just close that chapter, and move on, let new creative projects move into my life, and further develop. I need to grow!

Days ago I was looking for traveling opportunities, one of them comes with a Master’s degree too. I would like to apply for one of those European scholarships, though I think I should finish the one I started here, in the vampire country, and go have another life experience, like volunteering in Africa. I would love teaching kids an international language, IT stuff, the use of internet, sex-ed, and be there for them, grow with them. Make a change. I need new colors in my life, fresh new chapters to chew on. Tattoos to show off my brand new achievements. I love tattoos!

I have to travel with a Double-decker bus, eat croissants in front of the Eiffel Tower, probably discover more cities in my country. I want and want… And want!

So yeah, the upcoming year has to be full of opportunities and fulfilled dreams. A brand new garden to plant seeds in. I wonder when will I talk about romance, family and kids. I bet that will be a great chapter, I’m already getting excited. Life is great, isn’t it?


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