You reach a point in life where everything looks like the window of a speeding vehicle, it all fades away due to overwhelmed agendas, toxic ambition and pretty much rotten workaholism. I asked myself yesterday – “Where am I now?”, “Am I happy?”, “What am I doing?” – questions that made go through am massive identity crisis. Actually I’m going through it for about a while now…

In case you’ve experienced one or currently “trending”, no need to be alarmed. Having a crisis gives you the necessary problems to solve, in order to grow up at the level the universe requires you to be (probably!). It prepares you for the future chapters and at this moment, now, at almost 23 years old, I’m somewhere between the paths of what type of life to pick. You see, I’m a workaholic. Workaholic since good old 2008. I just love surrounding myself with task. challenges and huge projects. I love achieving things that other consider as impossible,too hard to do or exhausting.

So in about 5 years I’ve led an organization, part of another 3, studied abroad, finished college and now building the foundation of my own business. And now I as myself – Am I about to start my adulthood? – because I also love traveling, meeting new people, international ones, writing, taking pictures and oh, there are piled up over 20 personal projects that I’ve postpone or forgotten. That sweet High school free time… Where is it now?

I also work at a company, at a pretty cool office doing pretty much nothing and kind of loosing my time, which makes me incredibly miserable, but (the classic but) I get to have money, easy money to spend on clothes and traveling, which makes happy and forget the last 20+ written words…

I would also like to enroll in a new college, relive the student life and it’s bad habits, or apply for a masters degree to further development. But then, becoming a student again? Broke? Penniless?  Errg… So many paths to pick, such a short life to lose time. How will I or we ever pick the right path? Flip a coin? There are moments where that method seams the easiest way but do I like the easiest way? No.

I feel like running away from my life, just pack, forget everything and everybody and run away till I find myself, searching for a new sheet to write on because this one gives me attitude.


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