Let’s have a Kiki!


Discovering Scissor Sisters and Suits yesterday gave me the weirdest dream so far. I had a Kiki, involving a drag queen, lots of mouth watering sweets, tea and (dear family, in case you read this, I. Don’t. Do. Drugs!) weed!

Many of you will ask themselves what exactly is this Kiki, so here’s Scissor Sisters’ definition:
A kiki is a party for calming all your nerves. We’re spilling tea and dishing just deserts when they deserve. And though the sun is rising few may chose to leave. So shave the lid and will I wear the turn to your own weed. — You have to hear the song. It’s really funny!
In my dream, thanks to Suits recent injection, I was putting on a black suit, picking a watch from a collection hidden in a drawer, then having a fun moment looking for socks (I usually run amok through the house searching for a matching pair) while I had this beautiful panorama of Dropaname City.

Someone knocked at the door, I heard voices while heading towards it. Familiar female ones, complaining about random things. Four friends of mine showed up, each of them with different attitudes and outfits. Everyone was squeaking about their day, about who spit on their jeans, who was called a pretzel in a tram, and how yogurt makes you feel fat.

But, even if they looked a bit overwhelming, like they just came out from a once forgotten box, looking bigger and bigger while coming towards you to give a hug, ready to ruin your perfectly ironed suit and whatever you have planed for the rest of the dream-night, they came prepared… And when I say prepared, I mean a big mother-hugging chocolate cake, dozens of sugar powdered brownies, a box full of mixed tea and, my favorite, a bag of gummy bears (written on it “weed inside!”).

So we threw ourselves on the couch and nearby fluffy rugs with colorful blankets and pillows. Plates with deserts all around us, chocolate and sugar dripping on our clothes, sipping tea like there was no tomorrow…

With the feeling of talking for ages, we exchanged gossip, told stories about high heels, prostitution and other weird stuff. We ate like pigs and drank more than many in a lifetime. It was a calming atmosphere, with a lot of laughter. A global view of a high (really high!) family living the same chapter on and on!


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