3 Ways to Appreciate your Life


Be grateful – Synchronize with your heart by writing down the things you’re grateful for. Take a pen and let it slide: (Not inspired? Here’s a random song) I’m grateful for being healthy, for feeling strong, happy and lucky. Grateful for my amazing parents, our warm home and, of course, my room.

My life wouldn’t be the same without my amazing girlfriend, my dear best friends and my soap opera family. I wouldn’t be the same without my beloved grandmother. She just turned 71 by the way!

I’m grateful for how all things turned out to be, for having no regrets, for my adulthood, my so far life, skills and talents. I’m proud of who I am and grateful for what I’ve accomplished so far.

Love – The strongest force in the world. Start by loving yourself and the things you have. Write down everything you love and see if you can update your agenda with a couple of them to bring even more joy to your life. For example: I love fashion, all I can think of right now is having this big walk-in-closet filled with hundreds and hundreds of clothes. Soon I’ll start reenacting the throwing clothes scene from the latest Gatsby movie every time I feel like making a mess.

What a about music? All those amazing artists out there, their dedication and talent. Their innovation, their signature. And my parents, for giving the gift of life, for raising me, believing in me, understanding, protecting and accepting me the way I am or want to be. There’s always traveling and its thousands of pictures to love, brand new chapters, adventures and moments… All those stories I’ve gathered during the years… I love us, the people, we, the artists, I love my beating heart, the nearby bakeries, the Italian cuisine, the cultures, colors… I love loving. (period!)

Breathe – Scan the surroundings, listen to your heart and stop worrying. Believe in yourself, take the risk and say it out loud – Everything will be OK! – Live the moment, be grateful, do what you love, love what you do and make a change.


Upgrade your Life

Turn your Tuesdays into habit starters and activity cleaners right now! There are lots of easy-to-start things to do. But most important, have time, make some personal time and learn how to motivate yourself. Hold your head up, be ambitious and believe in yourself. I’m sure you can!

Declutter your lifestyle by analyzing daily habits. See what’s unimportant, what’s  no longer giving you satisfaction or takes a lot of time and energy. Write them down and see if it’s possible to discontinue some in order to refresh your life.

This type of analysis should be made once every season to experience year’s all around activities and adding brand new content to our agendas. Here’s what I brought into my life this spring just by cutting out a couple of hours of gaming and watching random TV shows, described in typical promotional writing…

  • Work out four times a week!
    Add a couple of fun calorie burning activities. Enjoy lone time every once and a while to get in touch with your inner-self. Take an early morning run or a late night walk, buy yourself an indoor bicycle, hit the gym or   swimming pool during the weekends.
  • Eat healthier!
    Master skills like self-discipline and self-control by tracking your meals and understanding your body’s true requirements. Stop feeding your temple with garbage. Start a fresh tomorrow by simply changing the regular breakfast with Muesli, fruit salad, smoothies or a healthy diet (like the 25 days of quail eggs I’m doing at the moment). Drink a minimum of 2 liters of liquids per day. Consume green tea for a change. Replace sweets, bread and alcohol with an apple, and stay away from the comfort food!
  • Become more social!
    Reconnect with you long-lost friends, old pals and long distance amigos through any ways possible. Have you ever written a letter to someone? It’s time.  Go out, count the city lights with your significant others, ask about their health, life and activities. Learn from them and get involved. Live the moment!
  • Find a new hobby or level up the old ones!
    Discover and further develop yourself by taking current hobbies to a whole new level. See what the world is doing, maybe you can monetize one of yours. Or start fresh by introducing new activities in your schedule. Refresh your life, it’s short and quite amazing!

Leave a comment if you’re planing do upgrade your life any time soon. Share your experience, inspire us and let us be part of your journey of change. Have a wonderful day!

A Goal Setter’s thoughts

Many people say that only 6% of us are setting goals periodicity and I, my friends, am part of that percentage. In this article I’ll tell you my personal view on how to make plan that you’ll actually follow by doing a simple, fun, soul-searching and creative activity. sketch through your future!

You see, I’m a lefty, not sure if it’s important but there’s something inside my head that puts most of my idle moments thinking about the near future and its possibilities. Or maybe the hunger for experience or the fear of “This is it?!”. I tend to live after a one simple saying – You live only once! – and knowing that, I try all the time to do new stuff, to create moments, to learn and to amaze.


Setting a goal gives you a purpose, a chosen path and a vision to your near future. You pick a mission to complete. It motivates, it pushes you to finish it and it gives your brain a thing to focus on. Life is all about us, our goals and wants. Life is what we want it to be. There are no limitations. And you know what’s the beauty of setting a goal? You know what to do!

We are the writers of our own books, the leaders of our own world and the owners of our lives. We are the ones capable of opening new chapters. We have everything we need. So why not picking a pen and start doodling a couple of missions?

This is how I do it: I create a list once a week and play with during the days to keep track or to change/add stuff.  A piece of paper where I write down the things that I would do. Everything that goes through my head like (don’t start creating lists. Just write away, make a big paragraph, let your hand write freely) waking up earlier in morning, adding a little workout session, taking a warm shower and having a fruity breakfast. Or thinking even bigger, like having brunch in Paris, or, because it’s not all about food you know, having some extra work done. I couple of meetings with my team in the upcoming week would do wonders to our soon to be funded company. Play with your thoughts, discover yourself and write down things you would enjoying doing. That’s the core of scoring your wants and wishes!

So, cutting down the words, here are three simple rules for sketching your future plans:

  • Think freely and write everything down in one huge paragraph
  • Measure them. See what’s doable in the upcoming weeks
  • Put them in a list and make them happen!

I wish you all an upcoming productive week and a relaxing weekend.

Broke much?

I consider myself a man without limits. I don’t hide from the new and always looking for improvements. But the only thing that keeps me far enough from my goals is money.

Money is my frenemy. At one point it’s there, it keeps your pockets warm and fuzzy but then, when the weekend weekend comes or the mall shows up,  it starts burning holes in my jeans, deep, deeper holes that shiver my slim fit pockets like no lady on a high school venture. Money owns the final key to my healthy mood and bigger plans. It owns me.

I’m heading to Milan soon, which means that 80% of my life style is frozen in order so save money. So no barhopping, no sweet or drinks, no movies, no nothing. Money controls my life.

Wanna buy a gift for a significant someone? It would be nice but you can’t. You’re going an trip soon. You need the money. You interested in buying a new bag (yours is getting kind of trashy), no. It’s not the moment, there are currently no funds for that. You saw a pair of shoes at H&M. Are you crazy? Why did you even go inside the shop? Do you want to starve and travel?

Ok, how about taking someone out? Oh boy, what am I going to wear? What will he or she order? How much is the total cost?

You’re in town with friends, your mind is exploding: How much am I going to spend? This plus this equals this, which means that and that… No, no… Erase that, I’ll try something else. I should just, yeah… People are talking, laughing around you, enjoying the moment while you have a private class of money management in your head – There’s your Friday night, your Saturday. There’s your life…

How can I keep it simple and stupid while enjoying life with an mediocre amount of cash?

First of all, let’s just mute our minds. Worry less. Be responsible and spend smart. Don’t over think! Be sincere with your friends, tell them about your budget. Have defined a budget? Don’t try to build a fortress around you. Don’t be all protective. We all have problems with money, real friends won’t judge. Stay calm and remember, enjoy the moment!


Here are 5 simple tips that will your relationship with money strong and positive:

  1. Build a budget. (it could be daily, weekly or monthly and has to be smaller than your income in order to have some emergency money. Always protect yourself from a rainy day!)
  2. Analyze your expenses and write them down. (there’s an app for that!)
  3. Define categories. (each expense has to come from somewhere – 15 $ entertainment, 120$ Clothing, 4$ Transportation)
  4. start cutting down unnecessary expenses.
  5. Start saving. (for your goals and wants)
  6. (bonus) Reward yourself every once and a while.

Also, setting specific goals is very important. For example: “I want to save some money this month” should be “I want to save 50$ this month”. Your mind needs too know in order to co-op.

Hope I helped. Till text time, I wish you a cash-friendly life and an amazing day. Shine bright! 🙂

Why do we hate Mondays?


There I was in the office surrounded by computers, phones and other devices. Running company’s data base, schedules and other 00100110s. My workmate’s laptop was glamorously awaiting its operating system (he gave it to his neighbor for a movie night last weekend and it got filled with dozens of malicious apps — Porn night, maybe!?). In front of me there was this colleague talking with another about what software should I install and all his possible options, even though I already penetrated the poor notebook with a windows 8 stick.

On my desk, like always, stands my beloved “I’m dead without my” phone. A low-end handheld with a custom Jellybean. Sadly waiting for a downgrade back to Gingerbread due to massive battery usage and constant freezes. Life is just awesome!  Should I mention the VH1 running in the background of our office? No. Usually we forget to turn it on. Like yesterday for instance. But I will mention the constant phone ringing, the dusty-closed air and the tired team after weekend… A weekend of what? Great amount of sleep time? Check. Family fun movies and activities? Check. Comfort food and not a thought of how miserable your day becomes during the week thanks to your underpaid job and redundant tasks. Double Check. Life once again is AWESOME!

Why do we hate Mondays? I ask myself. Why can’t we just turn it around and make it the best day of the week? The starter of a new chapter , the engine of a weekly plan? (add more motivational sentences if you feel the rush yet)

So I took a pencil, (I saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green this weekend and now I’m using pencils. Totally recommend it, especially on a warm Sunday, under a blanket, with warm tee and chocolate) I opened my agenda and started throwing refreshing activities that I’d enjoy. Like having a long walk near the river with a significant someone, after dinner hours, under the moon and stars or city lights, and ending the day with a bestie over Skype, bitching about the latest box office, girlfriends, weight gain — You know, what men usually talk when women are not around.

As a lesson for me and advice for the universe – We hold the power to change the way we feel with nothing but a single breath. We just need to let go and take things in our own hands. Swap that thought and do something you enjoy. Think the opposite, try to see things the other side. Think this – It’s a short life, it really is. So let’s just savor each moment in the best possible way by turning actions into something positive through any ways that suit us, our personality. You know your hobbies, add them in your daily schedule as much as you can!

Have a wonderful day and smile till it hurts!

Understanding Gatsby

Yesterday I took my girl to see The Great Gatsby and man, it worth every cent. But I won’t write a review, I’ll just say that the actors are great, 3D was good and the decor had a “wow” factor of over 9000. Plus it has its pepper and salt for us dreamers and achievers. A must for our personal development.

Honestly, for me was sad and a little bit scary. At the beginning I saw my dream life. I saw myself in that old sport, Gatsby, his origins, core and his one and only wish – to achieve, to become a Somebody. It felt like driving one of those fast cars where at first everything is under control but a moment later, obsession kicks in, pain shows up and you start to loose it.

You see, old sport here didn’t know when to stop, he kept pushing for more, wanting to be the best no  matter what, loosing his loved ones during the process.

I want to be rich and famous, I want have a life others would write about. I want to see and change the world. So many things in such a short life. And I see this now, this balance we all need in order to stay happy. A balance so simple yet so difficult to achieve.

I saw the other side of the mirror, the final chapters of my life if I continue the way  I planned and I don’t like it. I don’t want to die alone, I do want to leave a signature behind, I do want to work hard and reach as high as possible but then stop. Stop at a healthy point.  I want to enjoy life as much as possible, with amazing people around me, I want to detach from the concrete and just experience living with a significant someone, kids, that one best friend or group of besties, owning a successful enough business, a couple of published books, the right home size and paychecks that keeps us breathing. Seems legit, right?

Can a movie change your life? I don’t know but I believe The Great Gatsby opened my eyes a little bit more. And as small advice for you, try sketching your life every once and a while, see things that fit, do’s and don’ts. Start measuring, keep track, look for the balance, be, stay happy with what you have so far and work hard for the things you want.

Life is short and wonderful. Only we can make the way we dream it!

Smooth Saturday

Ohhh, I’ve been waiting for this day for like — A week?! Finally a no working Saturday morning ( I work on every other Saturday and it’s a pisssss… Pardon my expression!) to do doable, adorable and inspiring things. First of all, I’ll start with buying the two albums I’ve been dying to save money for, The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Random Access Memory by Daft Punk. Plus, I’ll clean up my hard drive to install the thirds installment of Bioshock, Infinite, to get back a little to my gaming roots. Then I’ll go pick up my girl and hit the cinema for this weekend’s special, The Great Gatsby.

So yeah, I’ll just open the windows, let the world come inside the room and keep hiding under the warm blanket with my headsets on, listening to my brand new sounds while sipping my breakfast smoothie (1 cup of strawberries, an apple, 4 spoons of yogurt and 5 quail eggs) and  waiting for the game to install.

I believe is necessary to reserve a little lone time for yourself every once and a while. It can be a Saturday or a Sunday morning, or a long night full of favorite TV series, movies and some comfort food (a smoothie, some ice cream or, let’s say, two slices of chocolate cake, maybe some french fries…) to reflect through the walls of your own room or apartment. Rediscover your personality, be yourself and accept the way you are while enjoying the sunny day (be your own sun if the real one’s hiding) — Life’s wonderful, hope you know that. And if not, keep saying it till you feel it. Have a wonderful weekend and live the moment, the now and the here!

Sending lots of hugs to all of you reading right now!