Being a workaholic brings many lifelong benefits, although it also creates pretty big gaps into the process of living or experiencing life. For the past 5 days I’ve been traveling alone, and I’m emphasizing this because I’ve never done that before and, reading about it on the internet, not just weeks ago but years, seeing all those stories with a lot of personal development gave me the hunger for it. They say traveling by yourself even for a short period of time, national or international, usually by train but probably works with any other type of transportation, could bring great changes to your personality and/or lifestyle.

It gives you time to zip things in your brain, to categorize and ask yourself firmware questions…

You see, I grew up as an only child, which meant that all my soul’s desires came true without thinking about significant others like brothers or sisters. Best friends? Old friends? Childhood friends? Never reached that level of commitment with anyone “thanks” to always moving to a different place of the city pretty much till I turned 18. All I had was me, myself and I…

Yet, due to my childhood experience I am able to build new friendships really easy, socializing with others being the key feature of my pedigree, but  nowadays I have issues maintaining them as they develop. Probably because I experienced only the first 10 pages from the “Friendship” manual or maybe I don’t have de patience, but after a while, after I get acquainted, share common interests, go out and connect, I just go idle or don’t know really what to do, what to do next.

Tend to get selfish and really hard to share or to give something for free, which should be an important part of developing a long lasting relationship.

Pride, materialism and jealousy intoxicates my soul… And I’m realizing this now, in the train, heading home, by looking through the window, noticing my reflection. There’s a big Me living inside, a cold, hostile, egoist Me that feeds on a false self.

I write this because I see it, thanks to three very beautiful things that I experienced during my little journey to Latvia: The story of a homeless person, the music of a blind piano teacher and the smile of a woman beaten by her husband.

Follow and join me through the Eye of Riga in the upcoming days and experience the journey of change.


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