A letter of Consideration


There’s a certain point in life when you’re asked to deliver a letter of consideration for different occasions like applying for a job, a project, a post-graduate program or scholarship. You’re asked to get naked in front of a big mirror and softly pushed in a big tub of milk… Why should they choose you? Who do you think you are? What have you accomplished so far?

So then you start to shake. Your skin decomposes, the shields are shutting down. Worms and holes are showing up. Boy, you’re on your own!

All that complexity you see in yourself every morning goes in a box of lost and found where you have to select just a few of them, the important ones. The ones… The crap that passes the scale. The scale that could fulfill your dream.

Here you are at a table, numbering the days of your past, those where you laughed and felt, but you can’t really finish a sentence of how you’re able to run a mile without a sip of water. Actually you can’t even spell your name right… And here it goes, that’s it. You stop, you had enough, it’s too much for you…

Life is too short, you already have everything, why should you do this… Nobody cares, right?

No, no, no… Just stop. Wait a second….

Instead of just bragging about your poor experiences, limited opportunities and low expectations, why not showing them how empty your flask is and how hungry you are for knowledge. How You starve every day, hunting for a better prey. Why not telling them that they could help you unlock your actual potential, that they can release the phoenix. That one of them could be your hero!

So what if one drop of my tear could crack the ground under your feet? What if all those leafs die because I’m missing opportunities on a daily basis?

I’m standing in a hall of fame, scratching down my name on the wooded floors with nothing but my bloody nails and you’re just standing in the rain outside with just the right tools in your hand.

What if I’m trying so hard to be who I dream to be, yet my letter of consideration is insignificant to you?

And again, I’m looking at the walls of the Hall of Fame, I’m seeing all these people I admire, and I believe, I truly believe, that one day, that tomorrow I’ll be there, so I mattered, I left something behind, something that moved at least a mountain and a couple of rocks.

Let me show you who I am in person, let me whisper you my wars and victories. Let us share a vision. Let us change the world!


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