Once a dreamer. Now an achiever!



Hello there! My name is Norbert, I am 22 years old, I live in Romania, a country situated somewhere in Europe (Google it for the vampires!). I call myself a creative writer for quite a long time now but never really had the chance to take it to a higher level. So I’ll grab my chance now with this first blog based project that I’ve been secretly sketching for a couple of months.

“I live! (stylized as !ive)” invites you and your friends to discover yourselves through everyday lifestyle challenges, easy lessons, motivational short stories and everyday trending web materials. Why? Well, even though I’m all the time on the internet, it’s really hard to stay in touch with all my favorite topics. So why not a blog that gives you everything you need to experience life NOW, in this moment, starting with possible things to wear, things to eat, listen, watch and do. One small experiment that can open a whole new chapter in our lives.

Just take whatever you need and move on! 🙂

Even more, I want to connect with my readers and together share stories through any form of communication. This way we could help each other to grow, dream, achieve and create a powerful, helping and positive community.

Hope you’ll fallow and help me fulfill this little dream of mine… Ours. Also, here brand new facebook page for the project.



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