What motivates you?


I believe knowing yourself is mainly discovering the things you love and need. Even if they are your passions, the stuff that makes you wake up in the morning spitting confetti like a fearless dragon, or simple activities such as eating or watching TV, they make you happy and inspire you to create, to become positive and more active.

As the first challenge ever written in the I Live! project and today’s challenge per se, take a piece of paper and write down TEN passions or activities that motivates you, recharges your creative batteries and keeps you movin’ on!

And since I don’t wanna be that guy who gives cheap advice and hopeless challenges, I’ll test everything here and now with you. 🙂

Let’s see:

I’ll start with running. Every time I’m stressed or down I go for a run till I feel breathless and tired. I put a song on repeat, that one song that fuels my veins with pure energy (like Bastille – Pompeii). I watch TV series while eating treats or a large amount of comfort food (not recommending yet it feels so good while watching Grey’s Anatomy!). Discovering new music, searching for indie bands with good, calming lyrics. Watching high definition movies (minimum 720p. Live it or leave it!), dramas that move even a whale and delivers a deep lesson (One Day, for example) or some sort of a traveling/romantic/lifestyle/easy to follow movie (like P.S. I love you, Eat, pray, love). Of course, Masturbate or have sex (no comment here, what else can you do?). Take a long shower and go early to sleep (the best healing patch human body can get). Go to a nearby city and get lost while traveling by train and soul-search. Go shopping for clothes or just skype your best friends, invite ’em over for a round of Rayman Origins, pizza and beers ( how about a cooked meal with some fresh smoothies? Too gay? No… Ok.)

Post your ten favorite activities and show us what’s your little soul remedy!


5 thoughts on “What motivates you?

  1. 1. read; 2. write ; 3. walk / run / work out ; 4. take photos; 5. plan a trip ; 6. learn something new ; 7. travel (day trip). 8. look for outfits / shop; 9 look for books to add to “to read”/”to buy” list; 10. look up new healthy foods . I didn’t add sex to the list. it’s private and fun but is an different category 🙂

      1. You, too. And you are welcome 🙂
        PS: on looknwalk.info I post monthly “things that make me happy” posts. 🙂 awesome motivation for me!

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