Grateful Thoughts


I believe that every journey of inner change starts with a line crossing moment. And besides interior reviewing and endless To Do lists hides probably the best intimate activity a mind can offer to its owner’s heart, a moment of being grateful of what we have around us.

Now, today’s challenge is to take another piece of paper or open the back of your agenda/planner and write down TEN “grateful for” sentences. Analyze what you have and be grateful of your most important treasures  At the end of this exercise you should feel peaceful, loved and appreciated. Also, never doubt that you are the main character of your life, a superstar of your own and a significant someone to people around you.

Here, start with my example:

Dear Universe (or something bigger than me), I’m first of all grateful for my parents, for not just bringing me to this beautiful word, raising me or offering a roof over my head but giving me the freedom to choose what suits me well. Thank you for helping me fulfilling all my wants, even the stupid ones. Thank you for being such amazing parents, role models and people who I can trust even with my eyes closed.

I’m grateful for my girlfriend for accepting me the way I am, for loving me and for already sharing so many great stories so far. Hope to keep her heart warm for a long time.

I’m grateful for my cousin, for growing up together and being so close to each other. She is one of the most important people in my life and hope we’ll always stay close for at least another century.

I’m grateful for all my friends who light up the colors in my life. I’m grateful especially for you, you and you! 😉

Truly grateful for my past, mistakes and experiences. It made me the person who I am today and I have not a single regret. Grateful for the skills I’ve developed over the years, for the hobbies I’ve discovered and all the traveling I’ve made so far. But most of all, I’m grateful for being healthy, for the ability to smile and, you know, to go to sleep peacefully every night.

What are you grateful for? Feel free to share them with me. I’ll cherish them with my heart.


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