The shopping list

BenQ Digital Camera

One of my favorite activities a couple of days before paycheck is creating a shopping list. That one little page in my agenda that reflects happiness and hope just by looking at it. I am a materialist, I admit and yes, I know, it’s a bad religion but I’m trying to change (one day, maybe). And the first step towards becoming less materialistic is by analyzing your shopping list and throwing every item through a simple babble/need filter.

 Here are a couple of things from my current shopping list:

  • A blender – Summer is almost here which means that fruits and veggies are getting cheaper. It would to great addition for the entire family and clearly a healthy choice (probably ending up “smoothing” everything mixable from the fridge) — bought it on the 15th of May.
  • A laptop – Gosh, yes!!! I’m missing my old one so much and it’s really hard working on a 8 (or more) years old computer, here at work. I could write in a coffee house (bitch about or just start working on my book), skype with family and friends while traveling, plus great mobile storage and handheld charger. — bought it on the 27th of June.
  • A tablet – Good for traveling and somewhat communication, though I have my android phone which pretty much offers the same benefits. Yet it has a light weight and longer battery life than a laptop. Still, a laptop is a laptop.
  • New tees – I’m running out of T-shirts. A V-necked white one would do nice and maybe a couple of printed ones to mix with my wardrobe.
  • Green Converse sneakers – meh, maybe a New Yorker pair will suffice for now. Do I need another pair? I already have red and orange… Maybe a black one…
  • Black H&M summer shoes – it has small holes it, its light and looks very good. Definitely a buy!
  • Another scarf – because why not?
  • a new belt, a brown one – Well not now, for sure including this one for the Autumn list – I barely have belts!
  • Thrifting a couple of pants for making them shorts – Definitely this Saturday!
  • A new watch would be nice – I’m looking at a Swatch for almost a year now, it’s about time!
  • A new camera – the one I own is pretty old and made over 20.000 pictures. It’s time to apply for a retirement program somewhere on a shelve.

I think these will do for now. What about yours, how does your shopping list look like?


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