Fueled by Music

For today’s challenge I’m going to share one of my personal fixing mechanisms.  Whether I’m down, lonely, bored or just not in the mood of anything, there’s always a Play button near me waiting to unleash it’s miraculous powers.

I truly believe that music is one of the main motivational tools. I think there’s no better pill than putting your favorite song and bounce around for a couple of minutes to get all new and ready for action.

So, I’m going to ask you to analyze your music library and select at least FIVE songs that makes you pop those nipples like there’s no tomorrow. Then dance, dance till you feel your heart beats louder than the Woofer itself.

I selected seven songs from one of my finest playlists for you to listen till you get all pumped and ready to own the world. Check them out, see how you feel and if there’s a rush, well, you better check that To Do list of yours and start crossing stuff. Get inspired and have a wonderful day. Don’t forget to share me some of your sugar rushing songs that helped you to be all pro-active. And please tell me if my article helped. That would make me really happy!


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