The morning Quail


Because I love fast learning and nobody likes a long article about a simple thing, I’ll write an easy-to-follow review on the benefits of quail eggs. If you have questions, feel free to comment bellow and I’ll answer you right away. Here it goes:

It’s good for every organ of the body, it has five times more phosphor, seven and a half times more iron, six times more B1 vitamin (healthy skin, eyes, liver, helps the body to metabolize fat and protein aka. It helps you to loose or maintain weight ) and fifteen times more B2 vitamin (converts food into fuel)  than a regular egg. It also has the entire A, B, D3, E vitamin complex, calcium, zinc, sulfa and potassium. Imagine how simple can be to start living a healthy life just by replacing your regular breakfast for a limited time with a couple of tiny eggs (somewhere around 14 calories/egg).

As a living example, being in day 6/25 (I’m doing a 25 days diet) I can already see the difference. I’m no longer feel tired after work or in the morning, even with less than 7 hours of sleep per night. Also, I’m no longer stressed, I feel relaxed, no  light headaches and my eyes and skin are cleaner. Fully energized, babe!

As I said in the upper paragraph, I’m doing the basic 25 days diet, which is the  recommended one for a 20 something year old and beginner (write a comment if you are younger or older. Each age group as a different diet plan, especially the younger ones). The diet is quite simple, instead of the regular breakfast, I drink 5 raw quail eggs every day (usually I mix it with cold black tea to eliminate any possible taste, smell or visual).

3-3-4-(5) is the formula for diet egg intake. 3 eggs every morning for the first two days, 4 eggs on the 3rd morning and 5 till you reach 25 days. You’ll start feeling the difference already on the end of the 3rd day. After you finish the diet you can start again 3 weeks later.

There’s a long term diet too (50 days) which even more benefits on our bodies, yet is recommended to begin with short one. Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed during the diet because over 50% of upper mentioned benefits will be neutralized.

Please leave a comment if you’re interested into a “Morning Quail” diet. 🙂



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