The Bucket List


The main reason creating a Pinterest account was not because of the large amount of outfits, hipster fashion, watches, snickers, ties and bows (imagining my friends’ faces now. Hah!) but to create a board with all my To Dos before I face the worms.

A Bucket list is a laminated (why not?) piece of paper hidden somewhere in a black covered agenda which contains all those things you want to do or accomplish before you, yeah, die, perish, dissolve or [insert synonym here]!

It’s not necessary a challenge what am I about to write but a sweet and really helpful recommendation. I want you to imagine your life, your whole life, and start writing down your goals and wishes down, put them somewhere safe. Keep track and focus on them, make sure you’re on the right path. Start accomplishing, make every little goal happen. Never forget that life has no space for NOs. With the right amount of patience, belief and a little bit of hard work everything is possible.

Listen to me, when I see my bucket list I get all welled up, full of energy and hope. I know I’m capable to go through every line, I can feel and imagine it so I plan for a happening, I schedule a couple (not all of them! A few that are measurable) for the upcoming months or years and I make them happen.

Oh, the joy I feel after completing one of them  Life gets a little bit bigger and colorful. You know, the excitement of living the dream, that dream that I once wrote on a piece of paper while day dreaming. Life can be wonderful. We only need to believe and see it with our eyes!

Try putting together 50 things to do on your bucket list. Not inspired? Let me help you. Here’s my little list! 🙂

  1. Own an apartment with one or two friends
  2. Write a book
  3. Take a homeless person out to dinner
  4. Learn fluent Italian
  5. Have a paint fight
  6.  Open my own business
  7. Experience Christmas in New York
  8. Go to Times Square
  9. Buy my first home
  10. See the Colosseum (March, 2009)
  11. Visit a walk-trough aquarium (February, 2012)
  12. Get a small tattoo that means a lot (December, 2011)
  13. Go on a food adventure in Paris
  14. Let go of a floating lantern (December, 2012)
  15. Feel confident about my body
  16. Have a dog for its entire life
  17. Grow old with someone I love
  18. Go an entire day without using any technology
  19. Run a marathon
  20. Live to meet my grandchildren
  21. Change the world
  22. Be part of a flash-mob (April, 2011)
  23. See the northern lights
  24. Attend a masquerade
  25. Write a best-seller
  26. Have a son
  27. Ride an elephant in India
  28. Kiss under the Eiffel tower
  29. Go skinny dipping
  30. Sleep on the beach (August, 2012)
  31. Adopt a baby
  32. Go to a hot air balloon festival
  33. Get engaged in Paris
  34. See the great pyramid of Giza
  35. Watch the ball drop in Times Square
  36. Eat Pizza in Italy (March, 2009) 
  37. Visit Sidney, Australia
  38. Visit Tokio, Japan
  39. Visit London, England
  40. Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
  41. Attach a lock to a love bridge
  42. Put soap in a public fountain
  43. Learn how to bartend
  44. Make a living as writer
  45. Have a walk-in closet
  46. Go on a Safari
  47. Travel alone (May, 2013)
  48. Ride in an airplane (March 2009)
  49. Meet my idol
  50. Grow my own food.


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