Smooth Saturday

Ohhh, I’ve been waiting for this day for like — A week?! Finally a no working Saturday morning ( I work on every other Saturday and it’s a pisssss… Pardon my expression!) to do doable, adorable and inspiring things. First of all, I’ll start with buying the two albums I’ve been dying to save money for, The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Random Access Memory by Daft Punk. Plus, I’ll clean up my hard drive to install the thirds installment of Bioshock, Infinite, to get back a little to my gaming roots. Then I’ll go pick up my girl and hit the cinema for this weekend’s special, The Great Gatsby.

So yeah, I’ll just open the windows, let the world come inside the room and keep hiding under the warm blanket with my headsets on, listening to my brand new sounds while sipping my breakfast smoothie (1 cup of strawberries, an apple, 4 spoons of yogurt and 5 quail eggs) and  waiting for the game to install.

I believe is necessary to reserve a little lone time for yourself every once and a while. It can be a Saturday or a Sunday morning, or a long night full of favorite TV series, movies and some comfort food (a smoothie, some ice cream or, let’s say, two slices of chocolate cake, maybe some french fries…) to reflect through the walls of your own room or apartment. Rediscover your personality, be yourself and accept the way you are while enjoying the sunny day (be your own sun if the real one’s hiding) — Life’s wonderful, hope you know that. And if not, keep saying it till you feel it. Have a wonderful weekend and live the moment, the now and the here!

Sending lots of hugs to all of you reading right now!


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