Understanding Gatsby

Yesterday I took my girl to see The Great Gatsby and man, it worth every cent. But I won’t write a review, I’ll just say that the actors are great, 3D was good and the decor had a “wow” factor of over 9000. Plus it has its pepper and salt for us dreamers and achievers. A must for our personal development.

Honestly, for me was sad and a little bit scary. At the beginning I saw my dream life. I saw myself in that old sport, Gatsby, his origins, core and his one and only wish – to achieve, to become a Somebody. It felt like driving one of those fast cars where at first everything is under control but a moment later, obsession kicks in, pain shows up and you start to loose it.

You see, old sport here didn’t know when to stop, he kept pushing for more, wanting to be the best no  matter what, loosing his loved ones during the process.

I want to be rich and famous, I want have a life others would write about. I want to see and change the world. So many things in such a short life. And I see this now, this balance we all need in order to stay happy. A balance so simple yet so difficult to achieve.

I saw the other side of the mirror, the final chapters of my life if I continue the way  I planned and I don’t like it. I don’t want to die alone, I do want to leave a signature behind, I do want to work hard and reach as high as possible but then stop. Stop at a healthy point.  I want to enjoy life as much as possible, with amazing people around me, I want to detach from the concrete and just experience living with a significant someone, kids, that one best friend or group of besties, owning a successful enough business, a couple of published books, the right home size and paychecks that keeps us breathing. Seems legit, right?

Can a movie change your life? I don’t know but I believe The Great Gatsby opened my eyes a little bit more. And as small advice for you, try sketching your life every once and a while, see things that fit, do’s and don’ts. Start measuring, keep track, look for the balance, be, stay happy with what you have so far and work hard for the things you want.

Life is short and wonderful. Only we can make the way we dream it!


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