Why do we hate Mondays?


There I was in the office surrounded by computers, phones and other devices. Running company’s data base, schedules and other 00100110s. My workmate’s laptop was glamorously awaiting its operating system (he gave it to his neighbor for a movie night last weekend and it got filled with dozens of malicious apps — Porn night, maybe!?). In front of me there was this colleague talking with another about what software should I install and all his possible options, even though I already penetrated the poor notebook with a windows 8 stick.

On my desk, like always, stands my beloved “I’m dead without my” phone. A low-end handheld with a custom Jellybean. Sadly waiting for a downgrade back to Gingerbread due to massive battery usage and constant freezes. Life is just awesome!  Should I mention the VH1 running in the background of our office? No. Usually we forget to turn it on. Like yesterday for instance. But I will mention the constant phone ringing, the dusty-closed air and the tired team after weekend… A weekend of what? Great amount of sleep time? Check. Family fun movies and activities? Check. Comfort food and not a thought of how miserable your day becomes during the week thanks to your underpaid job and redundant tasks. Double Check. Life once again is AWESOME!

Why do we hate Mondays? I ask myself. Why can’t we just turn it around and make it the best day of the week? The starter of a new chapter , the engine of a weekly plan? (add more motivational sentences if you feel the rush yet)

So I took a pencil, (I saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green this weekend and now I’m using pencils. Totally recommend it, especially on a warm Sunday, under a blanket, with warm tee and chocolate) I opened my agenda and started throwing refreshing activities that I’d enjoy. Like having a long walk near the river with a significant someone, after dinner hours, under the moon and stars or city lights, and ending the day with a bestie over Skype, bitching about the latest box office, girlfriends, weight gain — You know, what men usually talk when women are not around.

As a lesson for me and advice for the universe – We hold the power to change the way we feel with nothing but a single breath. We just need to let go and take things in our own hands. Swap that thought and do something you enjoy. Think the opposite, try to see things the other side. Think this – It’s a short life, it really is. So let’s just savor each moment in the best possible way by turning actions into something positive through any ways that suit us, our personality. You know your hobbies, add them in your daily schedule as much as you can!

Have a wonderful day and smile till it hurts!


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