Broke much?

I consider myself a man without limits. I don’t hide from the new and always looking for improvements. But the only thing that keeps me far enough from my goals is money.

Money is my frenemy. At one point it’s there, it keeps your pockets warm and fuzzy but then, when the weekend weekend comes or the mall shows up,  it starts burning holes in my jeans, deep, deeper holes that shiver my slim fit pockets like no lady on a high school venture. Money owns the final key to my healthy mood and bigger plans. It owns me.

I’m heading to Milan soon, which means that 80% of my life style is frozen in order so save money. So no barhopping, no sweet or drinks, no movies, no nothing. Money controls my life.

Wanna buy a gift for a significant someone? It would be nice but you can’t. You’re going an trip soon. You need the money. You interested in buying a new bag (yours is getting kind of trashy), no. It’s not the moment, there are currently no funds for that. You saw a pair of shoes at H&M. Are you crazy? Why did you even go inside the shop? Do you want to starve and travel?

Ok, how about taking someone out? Oh boy, what am I going to wear? What will he or she order? How much is the total cost?

You’re in town with friends, your mind is exploding: How much am I going to spend? This plus this equals this, which means that and that… No, no… Erase that, I’ll try something else. I should just, yeah… People are talking, laughing around you, enjoying the moment while you have a private class of money management in your head – There’s your Friday night, your Saturday. There’s your life…

How can I keep it simple and stupid while enjoying life with an mediocre amount of cash?

First of all, let’s just mute our minds. Worry less. Be responsible and spend smart. Don’t over think! Be sincere with your friends, tell them about your budget. Have defined a budget? Don’t try to build a fortress around you. Don’t be all protective. We all have problems with money, real friends won’t judge. Stay calm and remember, enjoy the moment!


Here are 5 simple tips that will your relationship with money strong and positive:

  1. Build a budget. (it could be daily, weekly or monthly and has to be smaller than your income in order to have some emergency money. Always protect yourself from a rainy day!)
  2. Analyze your expenses and write them down. (there’s an app for that!)
  3. Define categories. (each expense has to come from somewhere – 15 $ entertainment, 120$ Clothing, 4$ Transportation)
  4. start cutting down unnecessary expenses.
  5. Start saving. (for your goals and wants)
  6. (bonus) Reward yourself every once and a while.

Also, setting specific goals is very important. For example: “I want to save some money this month” should be “I want to save 50$ this month”. Your mind needs too know in order to co-op.

Hope I helped. Till text time, I wish you a cash-friendly life and an amazing day. Shine bright! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Broke much?

  1. Expensify! I’ve been using the app for some months now and I know where every single dime goes. Also, goes without saying that I save some money every single month. And it adds up for travels. I shop at Cora and farmer’s market. I cook at home, we don’t eat at restaurants. or go out to party (drink). I adjusted my cell bill, landline bill, i keep all lights off when i don’t need them, etc…

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