A Goal Setter’s thoughts

Many people say that only 6% of us are setting goals periodicity and I, my friends, am part of that percentage. In this article I’ll tell you my personal view on how to make plan that you’ll actually follow by doing a simple, fun, soul-searching and creative activity. sketch through your future!

You see, I’m a lefty, not sure if it’s important but there’s something inside my head that puts most of my idle moments thinking about the near future and its possibilities. Or maybe the hunger for experience or the fear of “This is it?!”. I tend to live after a one simple saying – You live only once! – and knowing that, I try all the time to do new stuff, to create moments, to learn and to amaze.


Setting a goal gives you a purpose, a chosen path and a vision to your near future. You pick a mission to complete. It motivates, it pushes you to finish it and it gives your brain a thing to focus on. Life is all about us, our goals and wants. Life is what we want it to be. There are no limitations. And you know what’s the beauty of setting a goal? You know what to do!

We are the writers of our own books, the leaders of our own world and the owners of our lives. We are the ones capable of opening new chapters. We have everything we need. So why not picking a pen and start doodling a couple of missions?

This is how I do it: I create a list once a week and play with during the days to keep track or to change/add stuff.  A piece of paper where I write down the things that I would do. Everything that goes through my head like (don’t start creating lists. Just write away, make a big paragraph, let your hand write freely) waking up earlier in morning, adding a little workout session, taking a warm shower and having a fruity breakfast. Or thinking even bigger, like having brunch in Paris, or, because it’s not all about food you know, having some extra work done. I couple of meetings with my team in the upcoming week would do wonders to our soon to be funded company. Play with your thoughts, discover yourself and write down things you would enjoying doing. That’s the core of scoring your wants and wishes!

So, cutting down the words, here are three simple rules for sketching your future plans:

  • Think freely and write everything down in one huge paragraph
  • Measure them. See what’s doable in the upcoming weeks
  • Put them in a list and make them happen!

I wish you all an upcoming productive week and a relaxing weekend.


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