Upgrade your Life

Turn your Tuesdays into habit starters and activity cleaners right now! There are lots of easy-to-start things to do. But most important, have time, make some personal time and learn how to motivate yourself. Hold your head up, be ambitious and believe in yourself. I’m sure you can!

Declutter your lifestyle by analyzing daily habits. See what’s unimportant, what’s  no longer giving you satisfaction or takes a lot of time and energy. Write them down and see if it’s possible to discontinue some in order to refresh your life.

This type of analysis should be made once every season to experience year’s all around activities and adding brand new content to our agendas. Here’s what I brought into my life this spring just by cutting out a couple of hours of gaming and watching random TV shows, described in typical promotional writing…

  • Work out four times a week!
    Add a couple of fun calorie burning activities. Enjoy lone time every once and a while to get in touch with your inner-self. Take an early morning run or a late night walk, buy yourself an indoor bicycle, hit the gym or   swimming pool during the weekends.
  • Eat healthier!
    Master skills like self-discipline and self-control by tracking your meals and understanding your body’s true requirements. Stop feeding your temple with garbage. Start a fresh tomorrow by simply changing the regular breakfast with Muesli, fruit salad, smoothies or a healthy diet (like the 25 days of quail eggs I’m doing at the moment). Drink a minimum of 2 liters of liquids per day. Consume green tea for a change. Replace sweets, bread and alcohol with an apple, and stay away from the comfort food!
  • Become more social!
    Reconnect with you long-lost friends, old pals and long distance amigos through any ways possible. Have you ever written a letter to someone? It’s time.  Go out, count the city lights with your significant others, ask about their health, life and activities. Learn from them and get involved. Live the moment!
  • Find a new hobby or level up the old ones!
    Discover and further develop yourself by taking current hobbies to a whole new level. See what the world is doing, maybe you can monetize one of yours. Or start fresh by introducing new activities in your schedule. Refresh your life, it’s short and quite amazing!

Leave a comment if you’re planing do upgrade your life any time soon. Share your experience, inspire us and let us be part of your journey of change. Have a wonderful day!


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