3 Ways to Appreciate your Life


Be grateful – Synchronize with your heart by writing down the things you’re grateful for. Take a pen and let it slide: (Not inspired? Here’s a random song) I’m grateful for being healthy, for feeling strong, happy and lucky. Grateful for my amazing parents, our warm home and, of course, my room.

My life wouldn’t be the same without my amazing girlfriend, my dear best friends and my soap opera family. I wouldn’t be the same without my beloved grandmother. She just turned 71 by the way!

I’m grateful for how all things turned out to be, for having no regrets, for my adulthood, my so far life, skills and talents. I’m proud of who I am and grateful for what I’ve accomplished so far.

Love – The strongest force in the world. Start by loving yourself and the things you have. Write down everything you love and see if you can update your agenda with a couple of them to bring even more joy to your life. For example: I love fashion, all I can think of right now is having this big walk-in-closet filled with hundreds and hundreds of clothes. Soon I’ll start reenacting the throwing clothes scene from the latest Gatsby movie every time I feel like making a mess.

What a about music? All those amazing artists out there, their dedication and talent. Their innovation, their signature. And my parents, for giving the gift of life, for raising me, believing in me, understanding, protecting and accepting me the way I am or want to be. There’s always traveling and its thousands of pictures to love, brand new chapters, adventures and moments… All those stories I’ve gathered during the years… I love us, the people, we, the artists, I love my beating heart, the nearby bakeries, the Italian cuisine, the cultures, colors… I love loving. (period!)

Breathe – Scan the surroundings, listen to your heart and stop worrying. Believe in yourself, take the risk and say it out loud – Everything will be OK! – Live the moment, be grateful, do what you love, love what you do and make a change.


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