10 for gratefulness

First of all I have to say that I’m really grateful for discovering The Secret back in 2006 or so, a movie that totally changed my life. It’s not a movie, it’s more like a documentary with a bunch of people that talk about the law of attraction, the one law that governs the universe. Long story short, it changed my way of thinking and it thought me how to be grateful for everything around me in order to find my happiness.

I believe being grateful is one of the obligatory missions of our being, it’s the one thing we need to do, at least before bed time, in order to analyze and develop our lives.

I want to do an experiment and also, bring closer, deeper into my life the teachings of The Secret. As the first Magic lesson, I’ll write each day, for the upcoming 27 days, starting tomorrow, 10 grateful thoughts. This way I’ll manage to analyze my life so far, my wants and needs, also be able to live the moment, to feel it. Take it as character development.

Today, all I’ll say that I’m grateful that is Saturday night and here I am with my father in a room no longer fighting for the computer because now I have a laptop and I can do pretty much everything I want on it. I’m thankful to have him here. Plus he puts good ambient music, Portuguese fado that brings so many great memories! Also, he’s really silent, barely moves … No idea what he’s doing over there. I love him, he’s a great father!

And It’s good, you know, finally good… A quality father-son moment where everyone is happy, even mom in the other room, watching her favorite soap at the big TV.


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