Grateful Living Experiment: Day 2

Today I feel like being grateful for my job and not just because my pockets are being pumped with money in a couple of hours but because I really love what I do here. I work at a rental company not to far from the city. It’s a place where my professional self is being tested daily. And even if it’s an office job, requiring a lot of brain power, it never gets old or exhausting because everyday I do something new. So I’m grateful for my job because, even after a year, it continues to push my limits and teach me a little something every time.


I’m grateful for the money I have because I’m able to travel every once and a while, buy myself clothes and other necessities, invest or go out with my friends. Even more, I am truly grateful for the things I have, like my computer, phone and iPad, my parents’ apartment, my nicely decorated room and the building we’re living in, because without them my life wouldn’t be as comfortable as it feels now or full of activities. Beyond all that snobbery, I’m grateful for its protection, its secured tomorrow, its refugee from anything bad that could happen.

I am truly blessed to have a healthy body because I am able to walk for hours without being tired, wake up in the morning before the alarm clock itself, read from a distance even if a big part of my childhood was sitting in front of a computer playing games, hear the sound of nature even after years of booming speakers in my ears. Truly blessed because I can live the way I want without problems, and this, my friend, is the biggest gift of life. Thank you senses, organs and cells for keeping up the good work!

And now that think of, I am so happy and grateful  that I started this experiment. It’s only day two and it feels so good to look for things around, things to be grateful for. It gives a whole new perspective to everything.

For example, minutes ago a colleague of mine brought me an ice cream, just like that. He went to a nearby shop to buy himself something sweet and decided to grab some for me too. How nice! How thoughtful! All this time I was and most of the times still am, you know, all for myself, just me, me and ME when it should be us, us and US. I am grateful for those who give, give even if they barely have for themselves. Humanity has still a chance and I for sure will change.

With all my heart I want to thank all those who believe in me and supported me all these years, from family to friends, neighbors to random people on the street, thank you for staying strong and going on with your lives. I wish you all amazing lives and hope that from now on we’ll all live in peace and harmony!


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