Grateful Living Experiment: Day 3

First of all, I am grateful for the apple I just ate, it’s healthy, juicy, full of vitamin C and it’s just darn good no matter what time it is.


Today I am grateful for my tattoos, two things that I’m proud of and for sure, never regret. The first one, a peace sign, inked in December 2011, Portugal. I studied there for six months and decided to go with the flow and just grab a few and do it. Now, I was dreaming about this tattoo for years, it represents me, my spirit and mission in life. I made it for those who live in fear, for those who hide under defined stereotypes. For those who use discrimination to cover their own lives or those who judge at first sight. For me, this tattoo represents Equality. It doesn’t matter what color our skin is, what sex orientation we have, nationality, religion, if we’re poor or rich, tall or short. You and me are meant to be, period.

My life is just too short to look for a definition of “normality”. Especially when there is so much more to life that that!

The second one, a feather with a four leafed clover (credit to one of my dearest friends who drew my vision on paper), inked in August, last year, right after I returned from Sicily. It’s called the “Attraversiamo” tattoo   and it represents the backbone of our lives and the luck that hugs our days, while also shouting freedom, traveling, friendship and love. To add even more value, I made it with one of my best friends. I have it on my left leg while he inked it on his right. So I guess it’s also a symbol of true brotherhood.

And when I look at them, I’m grateful to so many things! To the world, the people I met, friends I made and myself, my beliefs and just the way I am. I accept all my flaws, they are mine and mine to deal with. The only treasure that makes you unique are the flaws that you accept. Otherwise I would just be a Norbert from Romania, yet another bug from the world’s terrarium. And no, I’m the one and only Norbert who is confident about himself, proud of his moments and damn right ready to conquer the upcoming years.

I’ll write this with all my heart: I’m truly grateful for the Universe, the parents and all their forces, for giving me the chance to grow and throwing all those great opportunities at me. Thank you. Thank you. You’re giving me the life I dreamed once and for this I am forever grateful!


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