Grateful Living Experiment: Day 4

It’s quite challenging to maintain this experiment but after I finally finished my resume which was quite a while on my To Do list and also applying for 5 interesting jobs, how could I not be grateful?

For sure I’ll repeat myself many, many times with the following sentences for the upcoming weeks but I am more than thankful for my past, the opportunities I had and the friends who helped me to achieve everything I have so far.


It was quite a journey today, analyzing my past, going through my so far life experience and have to say, at 23 years old (almost!) I can nicely fill a few chapters! So believe it or not, I do have an amazing life. And I’m grateful for every inch of it. Also, feeling funny today, so have to be grateful for that too!

Yesterday I subscribed to a new gym with sauna included (never been in sauna before!) 10 minutes near my house so I’ll be spending all my energy there for the days to come. I’m grateful that I took this decision because otherwise I would end up slacking inside the house after work, watching Will and Grace or something similar. Now, that I payed the fee and quite a spicy one, I feel more than motivated or quite obliged to go burn the fat off my six pack. And I am grateful for my six pack because it’s nice to have one and goes well with any outfit. Heck, it goes well even with a potato sack!

Back to the resume, I’m grateful for all those awesome projects I organized with friends in the past months because I learned a lot and met a lot of people. I’m grateful for those project based travels for their amazing memories, thousands of pictures, dozens of friends and all that international love that now defines my shadow.

I’m truly grateful that I’m alive, that I breathe fresh air, that I see the sun while listening to my favorite songs. I’m grateful for every second of my life  because I experience all I can and I’ll do my best. That’s why we’re here!


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