Grateful Living Experiment: Day 5

Probably yesterday I was in hurry writing and also fused with amusement, cause I read my last post and it feels a little bit rusty and childish. Hope that you just wen’t with the flow and didn’t judge me too much. Well, today, as the fifth day of the project, I want to be grateful for a very interesting event that happened to me yesterday. I went to the gym, this time all by myself. I wanted to discover all the cardio equipment on my own routine and, you know, me and my iPod and its Lana Del Rey   phase…

Anywho, yesterday I tried the sauna. I just couldn’t stay another day knowing that it’s there and I am not using it and wow… I am more than grateful that I went there because it was amazing, especially after a well phased cardio workout. That steam really calmed the muscles, even if my nostrils burned like hell. After a 10 minutes session and a cold shower after, I felt a whole different person!


The fun part is that I didn’t know how things work at the sauna so I went without my swimming suit or an extra pair of undies.Of course, my underwear  got all wet and, yeah, I went home commando for the first time ever. Quite breeze, I must say!

Remember this: Bring your swimming wear and an extra pair of briefs at the gym. You never know when you need them!

Let’s see, I finally finished my search for new workmates at my job, we hired today two really cool guys and I’m thankful that it’s finally over and everybody is pleased with my decision, even I — I’m quite proud actually! I’m grateful that I met them. And can you imagine one of them coming out of nowhere, just showing up at the office, to your desk, asking if we’re hiring? There truly is something out there listening!

I am happy. Things are turning out quite the way I want and I’m so happy, so, so happy! And grateful for everything around me, like my healthy parents, closest friends, awesome job, brand new gym, the music that I’m listening now, the french fries that I ate like a pregnant woman moments ago, the client we have at the advertising agency (finally things are getting to catch!). I am grateful that I am busy, healthy, lucky, handsome, thin and happy.


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