Grateful Living Experiment: Day 6

Quite a challenge writing every day about things you’re grateful. But the good thing is that there’s always something to be thankful for. I mean, look,  it’s freaking Friday, I’m at work, time flies like a dead bird and I’m just too exhausted to even yawn… I am kind of a mess (at this particular moment. It’s a never before seen moment. Good that I’m alone!) and to think that I’ll also work tomorrow!? Makes me wanna jump into a pool of urine… But that’s me!

Not much happened since my last log, probably because I feel a little bit down. I guess it is also part of the project. The point is: I am going through I lot of things, changes and plans (so many it hurts!). And I can’t really focus on everything so I really need to sit down and eliminate the side quests.


I want to cut down a few but don’t know which one. Which one?! I’m afraid to – What if I pick the wrong one? Time will tell? No. Things have to be resolved as soon as possible.

But let’s be grateful. I am more than happy that I picked the right gym to go to, even though it’s in a mall and my debit card hits H&M before I reach the actual fat burning place but yeah, also, grateful for H&M and their cool tees and other products (I bought a blue tee with many, many small bicycles on it. Got to say, more than grateful for the money I have and definitely grateful that I’m able to spend it on things that I desire.

Grateful, grateful and grateful. Are there any other synonyms for this word?

Also, I thankful that I made a gym friend. I met him in the sauna, he was quite social – I guess he was waiting somebody, anybody to join him because nobody uses the sauna at the gym, which is a shame cause it’s quite amazing. So we stood 10 minutes in our own sweat talking about the benefits of steam and heat over the human body.

Definitely grateful for one of my buddies’ girlfriend because she is honest. She tells the raw truth, the way she sees it, right in your face. Which quite helped me to analyze and understand a couple of things, and probably the reason why I am a little bit down. It’s a progress: now I know what my main mission is.

Grateful that I’m smiling and feeling ready to move the mountains even if my body tells me “dude, time to hit the bed!”

I’m grateful for now, for this moment, for being here and just writing,  pouring my thoughts in order to keep my calm. Grateful to be grateful. Is that even possible?

Thankful, and always will be, for planet Earth, its weather, water, fruits and vegetables. Grateful for Europe and its culture, architecture, delicious food. Then, I’m grateful for my life – the way it is- even with its ups and downs.


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