Challenges and broken dreams

Yup, here I am writing again. I had this challenge almost a month ago and, well, I kept it on for six days, instead of 27, as announced. And now I realize that I have a problem with finishing started things and this one of those major flaws that could ruin my whole life. I can’t  hold on things. I think I it’s some sort of a bug that 20 something year old people are experiencing. At least I’m hoping this so I wouldn’t need to face my problems. Funny how our minds are always looking for a quick fix, a reason to everything just to help us feel better.

You see, I am overwhelmed with so many wants and wishes, so many objectives and dreams that I got lost in the process of making them come true. I feel like drowning in a pool of my own blood. So probably the best move would be to sit down and have a long talk with myself. What do you I want? Where do I want to go? How do I feel? Do I need all this around me or I can simplify my surroundings?

It’s time to grow up!

And now I feel like putting on display all my flaws, everything I hate about myself in order to cleanse my aura. We all have flaws, I am not ashamed of who I am and I accept myself with whatever I have in that brain of mine, even if sometimes I feel like I’m a complete moron.

Also, for sure it’s important to see your flaws, to accept them and learn something. The best lesson here would be not just to accept who you are by identifying your bad parts but to turn them into assets, helpful tools. You know what I mean?

Diamonds are made out of coal, right?

 So I’m a 23 old spoiled brad, living with my parents and pretty much having everything I need (maybe more. Maybe!). God bless my diva attitude. It’s so well developed it’s shareable with at least 3 people. Oh, and have you  heard about my friend’s boomerang shaped penis? I know, right?! Gossip, gossip and gossip. My mouth is full of garbage, always spreading everything I hear. Share something with me and I’ll make it viral!

Even so, I’m blessed with a great number of amazing friends, and I’m the kind of self-centered, selfish, complicated bitchy type of friend. I am a mess, a social prostitute with cheap flaws.  But I have vision, I see the future, and it’s bright. I see my mistakes and I’m giving them a makeup. But if there is a vision, a sparkle and a tiny amount of motivation and self-analysis.  I may be bitch every now and then but I’m learning. I know and I want to clean things up. The change is here and now.

Gosh I love writing!


2 thoughts on “Challenges and broken dreams

  1. At 23 I was living on my own , had a job and jumped head on into life. lol
    i like to set challenges for myself and to keep them going. never been a problem for me to accomplish what I want to do. after all, that’s how i lost weight and kept it off! 🙂 however, i need to have my heart in it. if i do something out of love for me (be it my body or my job) i’ll do awesome, if i have to do something…just b/c i HAVE to, not gonna happen.

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