Ambitious Dinners

“With the fall knocking at the door, Norbert returns to the front line with his numerous projects, madness and other hipster movements.”

If I would work on some sort of art, like a musical album or a movie, the first song or the trailer would be yesterday’s dinner that I’ve organized for fellow Erasmus alumni (aka. students that had the opportunity to study abroad for at least six months).

I myself had this opportunity back in September 2011 where I had one of the best experiences in my life so far. I studied computer science for one semester in Portugal and had a major blast. But for sure I’ll write more about this in the days to come especially when I’m preparing to leave once again for a 2 months voluntary stage in Bulgaria (yay!).

This dinner I’ve been telling you was organized with the purpose of meeting each other and talk about our abroad experiences, favorite moments, things we’ve learned and how they affected us personally and professionally.

As first edition of the project we were 8 participants. At first I imagined the event as a big table full of guests talking and sharing pictures but then, after yesterday’s dinner, I think that a smaller number of guest for this type of events is better for the overall outcome. Everyone had their time to share whatever they wanted, we all listened and it was easy to follow, relaxing, with food, deserts and wine.

The hidden reason why I wanted to organize this event was to see if we, the Erasmus students, share the same flame. And it’s true! We’re all striving to be the best. It’s like we got this big gift from life and now we need to continue to grow, to amaze or to inspire. So we could show the world that the opportunity, the gift was well invested!

We all have plans for the future, jobs in domains we enjoy and quite a refreshing lifestyle. There’s that trust, that palpable view on what is next.

Can’t wait to organize the next dinner!

As a tip for you: Seek opportunities. Don’t wait, don’t be afraid and do whatever is best for you now, in this moment and the nearby future. Listen to your friends and family but don’t take their words for granted, seek for the voice inside you.



A Story not looking for an Ending

I didn’t have in plan to write a new article for this week due to my upcoming Bulgarian experience but I just finished quite an emotional conversation on Facebook with a friend of mine and thought of coming up with a couple of lines.

You see, this friend of mine recently discovered that he has cancer, his foot has to be amputated, the survival rate is low and he gave up the fight. He said that he had enough and nothing makes sense for him…

My world trembles. I’m scared. I always thought of myself as being a strong independent person. A peaceful warrior that fights for his vision and beliefs. That the world is his arena. Yet after this discussion which he probably just needed to talk to someone and it had to be me, probably to empty his mind for a second, gave me a wake up call – Life, this is it? You just give up and wait for the moment to blow out your candles?

I told him that no matter what life gives you, you fight till the last pulse. OK, I understand! Life is not always a gift, for many us feels more like a burden, a piece of rock you keep dragging for years on your tearing soul. But if you have it, even if it hurts most of the time, try to change the perspective, try to show yourself or the world that You can eat shit and through shit you can still grow and beat the rest of us, gifted.

I instantly saw him as a model worth to follow. Even in his condition and I won’t go into details, he graduated 12 years of school, one college and now masters. He draws writes and paints, recently had en exhibition somewhere in Europe and sold quite a few of his work. He, as he is, became more successful than many of us at his age.

And it bugs me, it hurts. I mean you fought all this time, don’t give up now, I’m sure there will be plenty of challenges out there but the world needs you, your talent and signature. You deserve a one last page, a one last chapter in the book of success and you don’t deserve it just yet. Fight till the end, grab that cancer by the balls and add another successful story to your portfolio.

I won’t say that I’m here for you because it’s just a lie us humans like to say for our own comfort. But I will say that only YOU, by yourself can fight this. The mind is our strongest weapon, keep that one healthy and you, my friend, will become invincible. You know what you feel, what you want. Do it, fight for your dreams and wishes. Be the example the world need, be the example you need!

In Leading Shoes

“Today I become the leader I’ve seen many years ago in the prism of puddles formed by fearless storms…”

 There are two ways to become a leader. Either you’re born with it and work hard to get your voice heard, which means that you have the ambition, the vision and the inner fire to make things work around you; or!  You get a leadership position from a small company which is more likely to be some sort of a managing position where you’re a controlled puppet by the upper mentioned leader where you’ll work after defined standards and orders, never be able to change something or to grow,  which will basically bend you to a limited form of human being… This is how things usually work.

I, myself, believe that we all have the fire burning inside us, we’re all leaders of our own lives but not necessary rulers outside our auras due to different character builds (just like an RPG – Are you a warrior or a support character?).

This is how I see it and feel free to comment: At one point we are all the same, no matter what the skin color, nationality or sexual orientation is. They shouldn’t matter although, for leaders, they become the pepper and salt in forming them – Traits as legendary assets.

These so called traits turn the engines of ambition on. Each and every one of us has at least two or three characteristics for sure. You just need to grab a piece of paper and a pen and start doodling your shield.

More examples: lack of money or opportunities, family drama, health condition or the opposite: rich and healthy from great families and moments, looking to repay the universe for the gifts they received – which rarely happens.

A leader fights for a cause, fights for the others. A leader sacrifices himself in order to bring change in the world and joy to his followers. 

If you were born a leader, you feel it in your insides. There’s something inside keeping you warm and you can sense it right now. There’s this voice dictating in your ears, analyzing every move. There’s the cause you’re fighting for, the problem you want to resolve – You can shout it to anyone at anytime!

You are not organized at all, in fact your life is a mess yet you have measured objectives, plans and most important, which is the ultimate weapon of a true leader, you have vision!

You see things differently, you adapt fast and constantly change just like living in a jungle. You accept who you are and hide in the shadows only when you’re looking for rebirth. You are the brand and stand by your brand and those who follow!


When there’s Passion

The most difficult thing in the world is to know yourself, to actually know yourself. And not just passions, everything: from ways of thinking, temper, limits, topics, sexual orientation and so on. If you you don’t know yourself then how could you know the world and those near you? That’s a question to ask every once in a while

Today I feel like talking about passion. It has been a while since I sat down and thought about “Hey!? What’s that thing I like doing the most?” Well here it goes!

So then I’m thinking: Clearly, I love being a manager. No, cross that, I adore being a leader, connecting to my vision and bringing to life, by myself or with the help of a team things I imagined while taking a dump. One of my main passions is to be in the front line, to be that that Person everybody talk about — I want to be a celeb, OK?! — My main passion is to leave something behind, to create, to deliver to the world, to write and organize projects, events and so on.

I love writing. One of my dreams is to publish at least a book, something that could help the people, motivational, self-help, things like that. I want to inspire my readers, I want them to push their limits. Also, I love dramas, I would definitely put my hands into writing a really twisted story about a same sex couple living in a close minded city, all that judgement, years hiding from family and friends. I could also go Horror and Gore, with crimes happening through the eyes of our household pets, cold blooded murders happening all over the world seen by different creatures we take care of.

And there’s traveling. Discovering the world, enjoying every moment counting city lights, Starbucks coffee, architecture, culture and international long-lasting friendships. I want to see the world so bad, I want to drop every single item in my bucket list. Adventure, sex and fortune, that’s the air I breathe.

When there’s passion there’s ambition, a burning light inside my heart. That’s what I call living life.

Future Planing: Living the Moment

Here I am at work, in an office where the temperature is equal to the one outside, procrastinating, YouTubing, talking over the phone and waiting for the clock to hit six’o’clock. A constant question pulsates through my head: What am I doing?

They say issues are created and aggravated by us. There is no negativity in the word, there’s only this brain of ours and the way we see things. Well, in this moment I’m kind of swimming in a jar of pickles as in ten days or so, eight exams will be served as a dish to my brilliant life. And I haven’t learned a thing and not really have the energy to do it either. So long story short, what is better? To plan activities or to let things flow and just live the moment?

 This is how I see it: If I chose to plan, things don’t always go the way I want, actually they go but I tend to procrastinate and snooze my to do lists. By planing you tend to miss out, yet grow in time. By living the moment, I sense like you’re not quite evolving on a scale, you may become proactive, experience things and enjoy life and stuff but you’re kind of [there]… Is my career life more important than the personal one? Am I actually doing more than enough for this particular age of mine? Or I’m just looking for shortcuts to become the One I see in the mirror? Or! Time is just slow?! “You, my friend, are troubled for goods!”

If this happens to you too then the answer is: You clearly have no idea who you are, where you are or what your purpose is. Best thing to do is to start putting shit on paper and see what shoes you fit.

And it’s Monday, you shouldn’t work on you problems on Monday, they look like zits waiting to explode. Stay positive and daydream. Perfect cure!

A-Pop-Calypse: A new beginning

I am so excited! I have waited for this moment for quite some time. With Lady Gaga and Katy Perry returning to their musical thrones, both releasing their brand new work in the same day, all I’ll say that both songs are extremely catchy and charged with attitude.

Perry’s Roar gives you the push you’re looking in the early mornings, the power to fight for your dreams, while Gaga’s Applause gives you the after beat, the medicine that keeps you in the zone, the noise that makes you to think big, the true “roar” of a leader…

Personally, I love both songs even I call myself a little monster. Loving the hidden meanings in Gaga’s lyrics but also the power of Perry’s tiger. Hackers or not, marketing strategies and other shenanigans, music is meant to be listened no matter what’s the plan behind.

Our only mission, as listeners, fans, KatyCats or what youngsters call themselves these days, is to support the artists. Try not to pirate if you can’t take a song out of your head, give that one-dollar-something so you could help their talent (or mansion, classic car collection) improve in the years to come.

Check out down bellow the trendiest songs of the moment and you decide which one deserves the crown of dearly beloved Pop.


Procrastinator’s Suicide Note

“I have to do this, this and that. I’m so proud of myself, look! Here’s my to do list. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Yes, that’s the exact thing I do every freaking Monday, I write down a little To Do list, making sure that a couple of things in my life are under control, at least believing that they are. Anywho, 3 items were written on paper, just like last Monday, two weeks before and so on. None of them were completed or some of them were but poorly done.

Hi, my name is Norbert and I am a Procrastinator. What can I say? I’m sure you have a daemon of your own hiding somewhere under your skirt, mine’s in my lap, drinking tea while surfing random stuff on the internet, burning time on Facebook, playing games, watching TV shows, movies and YouTube channels. All that quality time used on pretty much sitting and staring at a screen.

I’m not saying it’s bad, we all need to recharge our batteries after a long working day, especially in the summer when the inside temperature is equal or bigger than outside the office. Yet, looking back, I see the Apocalypse, a huge mushroom in the horizon coming closer and closer. Where am I? What am I doing? Is this life? No.

Time to kill (pun intended) that little daemon and start shimming the path of my journey. What the hell? This one little life we have is defined by sitting around and doing nothing? We are meant to change the world, right? We are meant to think big. To do big! So what are we waiting? Let’s be the change. Here and now!

I, Norbert Szucs, from Romania, release the daemon I’ve been protecting all this time and move on. Move on to a next chapter!