Leadership: A learnable skill?

I don’t thinks so… There’s a silver lining between being a leader and a jackass with a high-end title. For example, and I’m writing this because it just happened to me moments ago at work. As you probably know, I work at a rent a car company. My job is to optimize the group’s activities, to analyze their behaviors and to help them develop personally and professionally. There’s this workmate of mine who’s suppose to control everything around, to maintain the workflow, more or less – a 24 years old uneducated peasant that calls himself “le grand leader” of the agency. He’s in charge and he sure knows how to show it…

He’s not that bad as a person, especially when he’s afraid of you… But with the others… He gives them the attitude, the cold shoulder. He makes my colleagues feel small and unwanted.

This guy comes from a big family – many, many brothers and sisters – where the ladder, personal experience and modern living or thinking are not options. There’s only a couple of things that you can do in this life, after his perspective: getting married with a woman, have as much kids as possible and, well, what else do you need in life?

Back to leadership. I see this dude that knows so small about life yet fused with attitude, vision and energy. I see someone you want to stay near, a strong backbone that radiates courage and well being. How could you learn that? No judgement, no dominating roles or words and definitely zero task giving waves just because “You got to do something in order to be payed”. It’s always us, let’s do this together, here let me show you, words of encouragement, of motivation. A leader’s trait is something inside the spirit, the soul, the mindset. It’s something that makes you click because you want to not because he tells you so. Learn that, you son of a bitch.


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