Last Minute Summer Plans

It’s August already? Believe it or not, yesterday was the first day this summer I entered in a swimming pool or stood in the sun for a reasonable amount of time. Looking back last year, at this time I was somewhere In Sicily visiting friends, eating ice cream and swimming in the sea… Now, I’m outside the office, on a wooden bench hiding from the inside tropical weather we’re experiencing.

35.5 degrees inside the office, that’s what I’m going through these days. I’m not necessary saying that’s unbearable but it’s damn sure uncomfortable and it’s making me so sleepy. I can barely move or do anything….

So I’m just sitting and pretty much day dreaming. It’s like I’m on standby, waiting for a sweet escape, an island full of palm trees, fruits and cold drinks, where problems are far way… That’s what I call summer!

So there should be a couple of months left in this beautiful summer and I’m thinking to get back on the horse and  enjoy its stay. Well, of course, as first objective would be to start preparing for the 8 exams running towards me this September, I should save money to pay my college and pff…. Where’s the fun?

Well there will be a concert in the upcoming days, a wedding in the same time that I’m hoping I won’t attend. I’m hoping for some long summer nights with someone dear to me and pools, lots of pools, sun, fruits, salads, gym… And a road trip would do nice! Somewhere close to friends!

Boy! So many ideas, such a short life. I should totally plan a couple of lines. Yet, in this moment, living The Moment totally fits the bill. Just going with the flow… I have this feeling, this feeling of missing things, yet I’m doing so many activities all the time. I feel like somewhat, I’m alone (and I am alone!) and everybody moves on and I’m just here, here waiting for a buss, any buss.. To hop on. I need a new chapter, something new, fresh, something that will fuse me once again with endless energy.


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