Roar it up!

“Of course I’m a bitch! And not just one time or twice in life. Oh no sir! I tend to be a bitch every time I feel there’s someone or something stepping on my tail. You see, I’m that shallow bastard from the middle of a table, that guy everybody hates because of his unbreakable diva mask, I was born to be a leader, I was born to be in the center of attention and there’s nothing you can do about.”

This is how we should all feel out there in the field instead of being eaten by people around us. We are superstars, we are heroes and we damn sure deserve whatever we want in life. It’s my life so I am who I am. I am who I want to be and you should damn respect that.

If I respect you then why don’t you respect me?

I was writing a little bit about this so called “rebirth” that I’m doing every time I feel like a pillow is about to smother me while sleeping. Call it as a system restart or a personal life maintenance. It’s quite simple to do, well you need to be quite the ambitious type in order to do it. But if you really feel that you need it, that somewhere inside you is locked up a better self then for sure, you’ll be able to find that ROAR!!!

I call it “a new chapter”, it’s like I close the past till this moment, analyze everything around and start pointing the flaws and the things I no longer see fit for my journey. Then I cut, cut and cut. That’s all. Clean up and move on!

Listen, it’s not like you clap three times and everything changes just like in a Disney movie, You have to actually fit the shoes you seek. Want to be a star? A leader? A winner? Then think big, start now and live the life you want and never look back. Stick with it even if it hurts a bit, stick with it and stay free!

Never forget: Don’t be fake, stay who you are, who you really are and just fuck the rest. One life, baby, you got only one! And judgement, pointing fingers, gossip and other people’s opinions are not part of your journey and never will be.

There, I felt like writing something from the bottom of my burning heart. Feel the fire, shut your mouth and start dancing like it’s your last day on earth!


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