Procrastinator’s Suicide Note

“I have to do this, this and that. I’m so proud of myself, look! Here’s my to do list. Isn’t it wonderful?”

Yes, that’s the exact thing I do every freaking Monday, I write down a little To Do list, making sure that a couple of things in my life are under control, at least believing that they are. Anywho, 3 items were written on paper, just like last Monday, two weeks before and so on. None of them were completed or some of them were but poorly done.

Hi, my name is Norbert and I am a Procrastinator. What can I say? I’m sure you have a daemon of your own hiding somewhere under your skirt, mine’s in my lap, drinking tea while surfing random stuff on the internet, burning time on Facebook, playing games, watching TV shows, movies and YouTube channels. All that quality time used on pretty much sitting and staring at a screen.

I’m not saying it’s bad, we all need to recharge our batteries after a long working day, especially in the summer when the inside temperature is equal or bigger than outside the office. Yet, looking back, I see the Apocalypse, a huge mushroom in the horizon coming closer and closer. Where am I? What am I doing? Is this life? No.

Time to kill (pun intended) that little daemon and start shimming the path of my journey. What the hell? This one little life we have is defined by sitting around and doing nothing? We are meant to change the world, right? We are meant to think big. To do big! So what are we waiting? Let’s be the change. Here and now!

I, Norbert Szucs, from Romania, release the daemon I’ve been protecting all this time and move on. Move on to a next chapter!


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