A-Pop-Calypse: A new beginning

I am so excited! I have waited for this moment for quite some time. With Lady Gaga and Katy Perry returning to their musical thrones, both releasing their brand new work in the same day, all I’ll say that both songs are extremely catchy and charged with attitude.

Perry’s Roar gives you the push you’re looking in the early mornings, the power to fight for your dreams, while Gaga’s Applause gives you the after beat, the medicine that keeps you in the zone, the noise that makes you to think big, the true “roar” of a leader…

Personally, I love both songs even I call myself a little monster. Loving the hidden meanings in Gaga’s lyrics but also the power of Perry’s tiger. Hackers or not, marketing strategies and other shenanigans, music is meant to be listened no matter what’s the plan behind.

Our only mission, as listeners, fans, KatyCats or what youngsters call themselves these days, is to support the artists. Try not to pirate if you can’t take a song out of your head, give that one-dollar-something so you could help their talent (or mansion, classic car collection) improve in the years to come.

Check out down bellow the trendiest songs of the moment and you decide which one deserves the crown of dearly beloved Pop.



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