Future Planing: Living the Moment

Here I am at work, in an office where the temperature is equal to the one outside, procrastinating, YouTubing, talking over the phone and waiting for the clock to hit six’o’clock. A constant question pulsates through my head: What am I doing?

They say issues are created and aggravated by us. There is no negativity in the word, there’s only this brain of ours and the way we see things. Well, in this moment I’m kind of swimming in a jar of pickles as in ten days or so, eight exams will be served as a dish to my brilliant life. And I haven’t learned a thing and not really have the energy to do it either. So long story short, what is better? To plan activities or to let things flow and just live the moment?

 This is how I see it: If I chose to plan, things don’t always go the way I want, actually they go but I tend to procrastinate and snooze my to do lists. By planing you tend to miss out, yet grow in time. By living the moment, I sense like you’re not quite evolving on a scale, you may become proactive, experience things and enjoy life and stuff but you’re kind of [there]… Is my career life more important than the personal one? Am I actually doing more than enough for this particular age of mine? Or I’m just looking for shortcuts to become the One I see in the mirror? Or! Time is just slow?! “You, my friend, are troubled for goods!”

If this happens to you too then the answer is: You clearly have no idea who you are, where you are or what your purpose is. Best thing to do is to start putting shit on paper and see what shoes you fit.

And it’s Monday, you shouldn’t work on you problems on Monday, they look like zits waiting to explode. Stay positive and daydream. Perfect cure!


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