When there’s Passion

The most difficult thing in the world is to know yourself, to actually know yourself. And not just passions, everything: from ways of thinking, temper, limits, topics, sexual orientation and so on. If you you don’t know yourself then how could you know the world and those near you? That’s a question to ask every once in a while

Today I feel like talking about passion. It has been a while since I sat down and thought about “Hey!? What’s that thing I like doing the most?” Well here it goes!

So then I’m thinking: Clearly, I love being a manager. No, cross that, I adore being a leader, connecting to my vision and bringing to life, by myself or with the help of a team things I imagined while taking a dump. One of my main passions is to be in the front line, to be that that Person everybody talk about — I want to be a celeb, OK?! — My main passion is to leave something behind, to create, to deliver to the world, to write and organize projects, events and so on.

I love writing. One of my dreams is to publish at least a book, something that could help the people, motivational, self-help, things like that. I want to inspire my readers, I want them to push their limits. Also, I love dramas, I would definitely put my hands into writing a really twisted story about a same sex couple living in a close minded city, all that judgement, years hiding from family and friends. I could also go Horror and Gore, with crimes happening through the eyes of our household pets, cold blooded murders happening all over the world seen by different creatures we take care of.

And there’s traveling. Discovering the world, enjoying every moment counting city lights, Starbucks coffee, architecture, culture and international long-lasting friendships. I want to see the world so bad, I want to drop every single item in my bucket list. Adventure, sex and fortune, that’s the air I breathe.

When there’s passion there’s ambition, a burning light inside my heart. That’s what I call living life.


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