In Leading Shoes

“Today I become the leader I’ve seen many years ago in the prism of puddles formed by fearless storms…”

 There are two ways to become a leader. Either you’re born with it and work hard to get your voice heard, which means that you have the ambition, the vision and the inner fire to make things work around you; or!  You get a leadership position from a small company which is more likely to be some sort of a managing position where you’re a controlled puppet by the upper mentioned leader where you’ll work after defined standards and orders, never be able to change something or to grow,  which will basically bend you to a limited form of human being… This is how things usually work.

I, myself, believe that we all have the fire burning inside us, we’re all leaders of our own lives but not necessary rulers outside our auras due to different character builds (just like an RPG – Are you a warrior or a support character?).

This is how I see it and feel free to comment: At one point we are all the same, no matter what the skin color, nationality or sexual orientation is. They shouldn’t matter although, for leaders, they become the pepper and salt in forming them – Traits as legendary assets.

These so called traits turn the engines of ambition on. Each and every one of us has at least two or three characteristics for sure. You just need to grab a piece of paper and a pen and start doodling your shield.

More examples: lack of money or opportunities, family drama, health condition or the opposite: rich and healthy from great families and moments, looking to repay the universe for the gifts they received – which rarely happens.

A leader fights for a cause, fights for the others. A leader sacrifices himself in order to bring change in the world and joy to his followers. 

If you were born a leader, you feel it in your insides. There’s something inside keeping you warm and you can sense it right now. There’s this voice dictating in your ears, analyzing every move. There’s the cause you’re fighting for, the problem you want to resolve – You can shout it to anyone at anytime!

You are not organized at all, in fact your life is a mess yet you have measured objectives, plans and most important, which is the ultimate weapon of a true leader, you have vision!

You see things differently, you adapt fast and constantly change just like living in a jungle. You accept who you are and hide in the shadows only when you’re looking for rebirth. You are the brand and stand by your brand and those who follow!



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