A Story not looking for an Ending

I didn’t have in plan to write a new article for this week due to my upcoming Bulgarian experience but I just finished quite an emotional conversation on Facebook with a friend of mine and thought of coming up with a couple of lines.

You see, this friend of mine recently discovered that he has cancer, his foot has to be amputated, the survival rate is low and he gave up the fight. He said that he had enough and nothing makes sense for him…

My world trembles. I’m scared. I always thought of myself as being a strong independent person. A peaceful warrior that fights for his vision and beliefs. That the world is his arena. Yet after this discussion which he probably just needed to talk to someone and it had to be me, probably to empty his mind for a second, gave me a wake up call – Life, this is it? You just give up and wait for the moment to blow out your candles?

I told him that no matter what life gives you, you fight till the last pulse. OK, I understand! Life is not always a gift, for many us feels more like a burden, a piece of rock you keep dragging for years on your tearing soul. But if you have it, even if it hurts most of the time, try to change the perspective, try to show yourself or the world that You can eat shit and through shit you can still grow and beat the rest of us, gifted.

I instantly saw him as a model worth to follow. Even in his condition and I won’t go into details, he graduated 12 years of school, one college and now masters. He draws writes and paints, recently had en exhibition somewhere in Europe and sold quite a few of his work. He, as he is, became more successful than many of us at his age.

And it bugs me, it hurts. I mean you fought all this time, don’t give up now, I’m sure there will be plenty of challenges out there but the world needs you, your talent and signature. You deserve a one last page, a one last chapter in the book of success and you don’t deserve it just yet. Fight till the end, grab that cancer by the balls and add another successful story to your portfolio.

I won’t say that I’m here for you because it’s just a lie us humans like to say for our own comfort. But I will say that only YOU, by yourself can fight this. The mind is our strongest weapon, keep that one healthy and you, my friend, will become invincible. You know what you feel, what you want. Do it, fight for your dreams and wishes. Be the example the world need, be the example you need!


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