Ambitious Dinners

“With the fall knocking at the door, Norbert returns to the front line with his numerous projects, madness and other hipster movements.”

If I would work on some sort of art, like a musical album or a movie, the first song or the trailer would be yesterday’s dinner that I’ve organized for fellow Erasmus alumni (aka. students that had the opportunity to study abroad for at least six months).

I myself had this opportunity back in September 2011 where I had one of the best experiences in my life so far. I studied computer science for one semester in Portugal and had a major blast. But for sure I’ll write more about this in the days to come especially when I’m preparing to leave once again for a 2 months voluntary stage in Bulgaria (yay!).

This dinner I’ve been telling you was organized with the purpose of meeting each other and talk about our abroad experiences, favorite moments, things we’ve learned and how they affected us personally and professionally.

As first edition of the project we were 8 participants. At first I imagined the event as a big table full of guests talking and sharing pictures but then, after yesterday’s dinner, I think that a smaller number of guest for this type of events is better for the overall outcome. Everyone had their time to share whatever they wanted, we all listened and it was easy to follow, relaxing, with food, deserts and wine.

The hidden reason why I wanted to organize this event was to see if we, the Erasmus students, share the same flame. And it’s true! We’re all striving to be the best. It’s like we got this big gift from life and now we need to continue to grow, to amaze or to inspire. So we could show the world that the opportunity, the gift was well invested!

We all have plans for the future, jobs in domains we enjoy and quite a refreshing lifestyle. There’s that trust, that palpable view on what is next.

Can’t wait to organize the next dinner!

As a tip for you: Seek opportunities. Don’t wait, don’t be afraid and do whatever is best for you now, in this moment and the nearby future. Listen to your friends and family but don’t take their words for granted, seek for the voice inside you.



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