When You’re Living the Moment

I could call myself a frequent traveler but I’m not yet satisfied with the level of trips I had in the past years. Even though, as many say “The camel going to seek horns, lost his ears”, I am more than grateful for every second of living abroad. I am living my dream. So yesterday, me and a part of the volunteers went out to a concert to see one of our Romanian singers and, who would thought, Conor Maynard!

We went with the flow! We were informed about this Coca-Cola Happy Energy Tour one hour before the event started, we barely knew where the gig actually started so we lost half of it while searching through the city. For me it was fun, I had no what so ever expectations, I was mesmerized by the city streets and its beautiful lights yet some of us grew some nerves and decided to kill the night at a nearby coffee shop.

Here’s a small insider about me: I have this habit of avoiding those hole-less round tops you find in the city mains (I have no idea how to call them) because someone once told me that they bring bad luck. So I don’t step on them! Yet yesterday I decided to grow up and walk normally instead of leaping forward every time there’s one on my path.

Imagine how bad I felt after taking those kids back and forth three time in the same area! Of course I blamed those steel lids! But then half a concert later we finally arrived and, actually, we arrived quite on time!

I never thought that in one of my adventures I’ll get the chance to meet a fellow Romania singer. I felt blessed!

But wait, there’s more! After the concert we decided to not just call it a day and hit the beds. No sir! We went to my brand new favorite place in Sofia, an Irish pub. There are no words that could describe the way I feel when I’m there, It’s more or less that special place on earth any traveler could feel the warmth of home where everything is friendly and easy to reach. Quite special!

Let’s just say that there was Live Karaoke with an actual artist covering dozens of hits, a group of British people in their late Forties with spirits younger than many of us in their twenties (if you’ll read this – You are awesome!) and the constant feeling of family warmth, that you actually belong there!

So I’m saying here that it’s really important to let loose and just go with the flow. Discover yourself, forget about your past, limitations and fear. Just close your mind and actually feel the surroundings, its music, its voice and live. True memories are defined by the moments you actually take part of, with your mind and spirit. By being one hundred percent there!¬†

It’s hard to always be synced with the nature you’re in. I know but trust me, the past is the past, the future is the future but the present is here and now. So make it count!

After this weekend I feel like my eyes are beginning to open a little wider. I’m getting to really enjoy my time here and to actually explore all its possibilities. This is life’s true gift, right?


In my Head

I’m complicated. That’s how any personal introduction should start. We’re all unique in our own way. I don’t believe in perfection though I have my chapters and issues about it… You see I’m more like a French coffee house, you come inside, take a seat, order a thing or two and then you leave. I’m more like a temporary atmosphere. You never know what to expect from me. Sure I’m fun and happy all the time but every now and then I tend to be quite moody, still happy but in a lonely way.

I enjoy my space, I need my ¬†lone time in order to reflect, to breathe, to update my operating system. Like right now for instance, I’m in my hotel room, all alone listening to a relaxing radio station and just drawing my past, present and future. While opening the gates to that one thought – Where am I? – the constant look for the right formula. The definition of life… Am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right direction? Then my head turns in a suitcase with suitcase inside, full of questions and questions without one answer to any of them!

Even though in the outside I sound more like a party song but my insides vibes like Portuguese ballads. The endless luxury of traveling describes my eyes and vision. The views, the music… The fresh people and those endless days. Fresh starts, brand new chapters. Life is amazing!

Dear Sofia,

I’m almost a week here and I feel great living in your arms. Even if you’re the capital of Bulgaria you don’t look that busy during the morning or the nights. Also, everything seams well organized and placed on your map. I find things without loosing weight or having headaches. Love the idea that everywhere I go there’s a mall near me – All those shopping possibilities!

That would be my general first impression but check out the more personal one.

Day five here and my first impression of a soulless capital dissolves moment by moment. Why soulless? Well, here’s the thing: Usually a capital should be more or less the heart of a country, culturally and economically speaking. Sofia, explained in a sentence is a city rapidly developing but without the right citizens. Mainly because of the low economy, most of them couldn’t afford living by the laws of La Vida del Big City.

I remember Lisbon, for example, getting out of the metro station, this whole new world unwrapped in front of my eyes. Everything animated. Lots of people everywhere, eating, drinking, enjoying street music, shopping form nearby boutiques. There was a sparkle. Here, in Sofia, I feel the cold concrete, the people who barely come out of their homes, gathering courage to live the urban living. But for sure I’m wrong and things will change in the upcoming weeks.

Especially now that I’m working at a Info Center for tourists, I must say that Sofia is getting bigger and better.

As for a lesson to all of us: First impressions are 90% wrong. Give a second chance to everything you do. You never know where the current path may lead. And if it’s still wrong, don’t complain but seek for the good things in it!

Day One

Blogging from Sofia, baby! Here I am in a three star hotel living a brand new experience with 13 amazing team members. As I wrote before, for the upcoming two months I’ll be able to refresh the Bulgarian Capital’s touristic plans. Let there be international living, city lights and pretty much the whole world in my pocket!

All I’ll say for now is that in this moment here I’m living my dream. Traveling, writing, experiencing – This is my life, this is what I want it to be. I am happy. Heck, I am more than happy!

What you should learn from this and I also told this to the band one hour ago is that life is short and what matters the most is not money, education or relations but what you, as a human being feel, what you believe in, what your dreams are and what you’re life will be tomorrow – Colorful or plain grey.

Believe in yourself and walk on the path. Your path!

Living on Miles

3 days left till I leave once again for long enough period of time. My room is a mess, all you can see is clothes. Clothes everywhere, out of the drawers, on the bed, chair and all over the floor. It’s like I’m swimming in pants, shirts and shoes!

I’ll be going to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria for a two months voluntary service. I’ll be able to work with over 30 people in order to bring the city back to its visiting roots aka. We’re gonna brand a a couple To Do lists for those who wish to see the biggest town in Bulgaria.

I am so happy! Honestly, it’s all I want in life, well at least for now, to travel, to see the world, to assimilate as much culture as possible. This planet of ours is so beautiful and I damn sure want to leave my signature everywhere I go.

You see, I got the taste of traveling back in 2009. I had this European project based on developing foreign relations. We were about 30, 30-something participants and had the chance to see a glimpse of Rome and more than a week of south Italian culture. It was amazing and everyday I feel that extra beat in my heart!

I remember this moment where me and a couple of friends went sight seeing for a little bit. We went not that far away from the accommodation, two, three blocks or so, and we met this old man polishing these beautiful big green apples. He looked at us, smiled and mumbled something in Italian. A second later he a makes familiar hand gesture, he called us over and threw a couple of those juicy apples, for free! Maybe I was a little bit hungry but those apple, and I experiencing goose bumps right now, where best ones I have ever laid hands on!

Life is beautiful and I’m so grateful for all these amazing opportunities that I get. My whole life is built on the foundation of these travels and experiences. Wish I could describe the exact way of how I feel every time I get to go somewhere but the only things that go through my mind right now are giving contrast to a picture, growing wings or a brand new tattoo!

For the upcoming weeks I’m planing to write about my traveling experiences and also share Sofia with you (pictures, maybe a vlog or two…). I want to do more, to level up and be more connected to the world through my writings!