Living on Miles

3 days left till I leave once again for long enough period of time. My room is a mess, all you can see is clothes. Clothes everywhere, out of the drawers, on the bed, chair and all over the floor. It’s like I’m swimming in pants, shirts and shoes!

I’ll be going to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria for a two months voluntary service. I’ll be able to work with over 30 people in order to bring the city back to its visiting roots aka. We’re gonna brand a a couple To Do lists for those who wish to see the biggest town in Bulgaria.

I am so happy! Honestly, it’s all I want in life, well at least for now, to travel, to see the world, to assimilate as much culture as possible. This planet of ours is so beautiful and I damn sure want to leave my signature everywhere I go.

You see, I got the taste of traveling back in 2009. I had this European project based on developing foreign relations. We were about 30, 30-something participants and had the chance to see a glimpse of Rome and more than a week of south Italian culture. It was amazing and everyday I feel that extra beat in my heart!

I remember this moment where me and a couple of friends went sight seeing for a little bit. We went not that far away from the accommodation, two, three blocks or so, and we met this old man polishing these beautiful big green apples. He looked at us, smiled and mumbled something in Italian. A second later he a makes familiar hand gesture, he called us over and threw a couple of those juicy apples, for free! Maybe I was a little bit hungry but those apple, and I experiencing goose bumps right now, where best ones I have ever laid hands on!

Life is beautiful and I’m so grateful for all these amazing opportunities that I get. My whole life is built on the foundation of these travels and experiences. Wish I could describe the exact way of how I feel every time I get to go somewhere but the only things that go through my mind right now are giving contrast to a picture, growing wings or a brand new tattoo!

For the upcoming weeks I’m planing to write about my traveling experiences and also share Sofia with you (pictures, maybe a vlog or two…). I want to do more, to level up and be more connected to the world through my writings!


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