Dear Sofia,

I’m almost a week here and I feel great living in your arms. Even if you’re the capital of Bulgaria you don’t look that busy during the morning or the nights. Also, everything seams well organized and placed on your map. I find things without loosing weight or having headaches. Love the idea that everywhere I go there’s a mall near me – All those shopping possibilities!

That would be my general first impression but check out the more personal one.

Day five here and my first impression of a soulless capital dissolves moment by moment. Why soulless? Well, here’s the thing: Usually a capital should be more or less the heart of a country, culturally and economically speaking. Sofia, explained in a sentence is a city rapidly developing but without the right citizens. Mainly because of the low economy, most of them couldn’t afford living by the laws of La Vida del Big City.

I remember Lisbon, for example, getting out of the metro station, this whole new world unwrapped in front of my eyes. Everything animated. Lots of people everywhere, eating, drinking, enjoying street music, shopping form nearby boutiques. There was a sparkle. Here, in Sofia, I feel the cold concrete, the people who barely come out of their homes, gathering courage to live the urban living. But for sure I’m wrong and things will change in the upcoming weeks.

Especially now that I’m working at a Info Center for tourists, I must say that Sofia is getting bigger and better.

As for a lesson to all of us: First impressions are 90% wrong. Give a second chance to everything you do. You never know where the current path may lead. And if it’s still wrong, don’t complain but seek for the good things in it!


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