When You’re Living the Moment

I could call myself a frequent traveler but I’m not yet satisfied with the level of trips I had in the past years. Even though, as many say “The camel going to seek horns, lost his ears”, I am more than grateful for every second of living abroad. I am living my dream. So yesterday, me and a part of the volunteers went out to a concert to see one of our Romanian singers and, who would thought, Conor Maynard!

We went with the flow! We were informed about this Coca-Cola Happy Energy Tour one hour before the event started, we barely knew where the gig actually started so we lost half of it while searching through the city. For me it was fun, I had no what so ever expectations, I was mesmerized by the city streets and its beautiful lights yet some of us grew some nerves and decided to kill the night at a nearby coffee shop.

Here’s a small insider about me: I have this habit of avoiding those hole-less round tops you find in the city mains (I have no idea how to call them) because someone once told me that they bring bad luck. So I don’t step on them! Yet yesterday I decided to grow up and walk normally instead of leaping forward every time there’s one on my path.

Imagine how bad I felt after taking those kids back and forth three time in the same area! Of course I blamed those steel lids! But then half a concert later we finally arrived and, actually, we arrived quite on time!

I never thought that in one of my adventures I’ll get the chance to meet a fellow Romania singer. I felt blessed!

But wait, there’s more! After the concert we decided to not just call it a day and hit the beds. No sir! We went to my brand new favorite place in Sofia, an Irish pub. There are no words that could describe the way I feel when I’m there, It’s more or less that special place on earth any traveler could feel the warmth of home where everything is friendly and easy to reach. Quite special!

Let’s just say that there was Live Karaoke with an actual artist covering dozens of hits, a group of British people in their late Forties with spirits younger than many of us in their twenties (if you’ll read this – You are awesome!) and the constant feeling of family warmth, that you actually belong there!

So I’m saying here that it’s really important to let loose and just go with the flow. Discover yourself, forget about your past, limitations and fear. Just close your mind and actually feel the surroundings, its music, its voice and live. True memories are defined by the moments you actually take part of, with your mind and spirit. By being one hundred percent there! 

It’s hard to always be synced with the nature you’re in. I know but trust me, the past is the past, the future is the future but the present is here and now. So make it count!

After this weekend I feel like my eyes are beginning to open a little wider. I’m getting to really enjoy my time here and to actually explore all its possibilities. This is life’s true gift, right?


3 thoughts on “When You’re Living the Moment

    1. You just made my day, my dear friend. I’m so grateful when people tell me that my little article or blog inspired them or just gave them a different point of view. You know, the best thing in this world is to leave something behind and to help you, myself and the others to move, to grow and to achieve whatever is for all of us to achieve.

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