My Kind

In a world when you’re surrounded by stereotypes, rapidly judged, categorized by senseless tags like gay, nerd, crazy or sick. It’s hard to stay synced with your mind, to be yourself especially when looking for equality or interior peace. Some of us may  even consider a victorious fight by simply adhering to a paper mask, to nothing but an artificial or limited image of ourselves. A smaller pair of boots to just… Fit in.

Well my kind is different, without any makeup or war paint. We’re no clowns or actors. We come undone! We’re not afraid to show our stripes or scars. We roar for attention, we’re sucked by the applause and live by the colors of adventure.

We’re incredibly ambitious, constantly looking for the next challenge, fighting for a dream and hitting the rocks to leave at least a golden coin behind. Even if we’re searching for diamonds. Because we are wishful thinkers, we daydream from the deepest deeps of the Earth till the farthest stars in the Universe and we believe. Not just in us and our vision but in you and your endless potential!

And why? Why am I writing all this? Because you’re not quite being yourself. You’re not accepting the way you are. And you, my friend, are loosing you flare day by day. Your true potential is behind a mask, behind a certain fear. And the keys to all those dreams of yours are hidden under that craft you’d be putting on your face all these years.

I’m writing this because I believe that this is why I’m here, to make you understand that you are unique, that we’re all unique and we all have something do add to the world’s book of stories.

See, I’m not that self-focused after all. But ask yourself, why don’t you accept the way you are? What’s keeping you away? What are you afraid of? Because some of us would love to be healthy as you are, some of us would like to walk, smile or talk, heck, even live a minute of your life. Aren’t you grateful of everything around you? If yes, then how will you repay the world with this gift you’ve been blessed with? When the only thing we ask from you is to show whatever nature itself fused inside you at birth?

Listen to me, you are an amazing human being. Even more! You are a brand, a signature, a superstar and it’s time for you to shine. Release the beast and be free. Stay free!


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